How do I become a Marine mammal vet?

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What to study to become a Marine vet?

I always loved Marine Biology, and after watching the Dolphin Tale, I just wanted to do that for the rest of my life. I'm studying all 3 sciences- Biology and Chemistry at A level, and Physics as an Intermediate (with 3 other intermediate subjects). I want to work as a marine vet, sort of like in the film The Dolphin Tale. But I'm not exactly sure what Undergraduate course I would need to take in University to do so- Marine biology? Animal behavior? Marine zoology? I am really confused! And I would...


Generally, any job working with marine mammals is poorly paid and highly competitive and although 'normal...

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How do I become a marine mammal vet?

I absolutely love Marine mammal's and I know the pay isn't great and I want to help aquatic animals. I just have no Idea what college to go to and I don't know how many years it would take. Any Idea's?


Cal King may be a little sarcastic, but essentially he is right. Marine Mammal careers are highly competitive...

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How do you become a marine mammal vet?

Is it impossible to become one?


It is not impossible, but is is extremely difficult. To become a veterinarian, you have to go to veterinary...

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Jobs to do if I want to become a vet or marine biologist?

Im 16 and all of my life I've loved caring for and being around animals. I really want to persue this and become a vet or marine biologist, I love the ocean as well. At this young more



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Im 13 and i really want to become a vet or marine biologist?

im 13 and i want to be a vet or marine biologist. what are some things i can be doing now to help prepare myself.


This is a long post, but bear with me. First, be informed that both are two very different jobs. As...

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To become a marine vet, you first have to become a veterinarian. A solid background in biology, science...

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Could i become a marine zoologist vet and be in the peace corp?

I love existentialism and am vegan I want to live in Hawaii and travel the globe.


You can get whatever degree you want and serve in the Peace Corps. However, if you take even a cursory...

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How much do marine mammal vet's get paid and what is it that they do exactly ?

At first i wanted to become a marine biologist but what they do is study one celled organisms found in the sea or any water. Then i wanted to be a marine mammal trainer b/c they interact w/ the animals but i want a good paying job. Now i want to be a...


In order to become a marine mammal veterinarian, you'll need to follow the basic curriculum and schooling...

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How do I become a Marine Wildlife Veterinarian?

Hello there! :) I'm a junior in high school that's aspiring to become a Marine Wildlife Veterinarian but is unsure of the college "paths" that should be taken as there are various. Which college degree would be the most beneficial to take for...


EDIT: I would like to clarify that I'm a researcher with Marine Mammals. Most of the information I provide...

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What steps do I have to take to be a marine vet?

I want to become a marine vet. I want to go to University of Vermont for pre-vet. Then do I have to go to vet and exotic animal then marine vet? or can i just go to a different veterinary collage that also has a marine biology course or a lab around...


1-have high enough scores to even apply to take the entrance exam. Everything else is moot if that isn...

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