How can I become a lawyer if I studied accounting and business?

Let’s learn how can I become a lawyer if I studied accounting and business. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I become a lawyer if I studied accounting and business ?

I heard that engineers become lawyers too and doctors


Yes, you definitely can, and your accounting and business knowledge may actually help you in your Law...

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What would be the steps I would have to take, in order to become a business lawyer?

I have been highly interested in being a lawyer, ever sense I was little. I've been big into money, business, and accounting. Naturally I am looking to become a business lawyer. more


Finish High School Get Accepted to College Graduate from College (4 years) Take the LSAT Get Accepted...

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A-levels to become a lawyer?

i study business, finance and accounting, psychology, sociology at A-level would i get into a good law school with. A grade in business A grade finance and accounting c in more


You'll firstly need to get work experience, lots of it with a law firm or such. Also, to get into any...

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Critique of my Personal Statement - urgently?

Could you please review my Personal Statement considering the fact that I have already sent it / to the Institutions / but want to hear some feedback since a few foolish errors have been made. I know, I could have not allowed that to happen but it just...


I'd agree the grammar is slighty off. You get your point and passion accross well though. So wouldn...

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Adulthood: Why are "rebounds to the family" common between the ages of 18 and 21?  Do you think that age range has changed at all recently?

"rebounds to the family" is the option to return home after venturing in to the world alone.. At 39, freelance journalist Gail Sheehy is, by her own accounting, "solidly in the Deadline Decade." Born in Mamaroneck, N.Y. (her father...


Metamorphosis is the series of developmental stages insects go thro...

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Can I study Medicine in University without studying (no) science subjects at all in the secondary school?

So, right... Initially, I was really thinking about Law studies and chose my subjects as following: Maths English History French Business Accounting These seem really okay for me, especially for Corporate Law. (I think these subjects are quite good for...


There are some unis in the UK that offer medicine with a foundation year ( 6 years instead of 5) Here...

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Help me create my new job.

Help me create my new job. I have started a part-time (20-25 hours, though I can work as many as I want) job at a small company which deals in restaurants (3 or 4), a couple of apartments, homes and small warehouses/storage spaces. Basically a small...


Don't know what to tell you as far as external reading, but the most important thing for you to focus...

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How do I achieve my goals/careers and which one should I choose?

Okay, when I was little (3yrs) I decided I wanted to be a doctor. Then a couple of years later (5yrs old) I decided I wanted to be a wildlife photographer. Okay back to the present. I have recently decided I want to be a psychiatrist/psychologist. (I...


I think you should do accountant or photographer because in accountant, you get to know lots of stuff...

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What is the relationship between 911 and Saddam?

By The Numbers On September 11th, 2001 4 Flights were hijacked. American Airlines Flight 11 which left Boston's Logan Airport bound for Los Angeles before being piloted into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.American Airlines Flight 77 which...


I think Hillery Clinton summarized Saddam's relationship with 9/11 best .. In the four years since the...

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Is a business/accounting major good for a lawyer?

I'll probably open my own firm. Thats why I chose business/accounting as my major.


Smart move. Too many find out too late that the study of law, while an intellectual achievement and...

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