How can i shadow a lawyer?

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Would I be allowed to job shadow a lawyer?

I'm a junior high student in Michigan, and as a summer assignment we're supposed to job shadow someone with a possible career for us. I have always wanted to be a lawyer, but more


Much of what lawyers work on is confidential, so you'd be limited in the shadowing.

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Im going to job shadow a lawyer. what should i expect?

so lawyers or former lawyers out there...what exactly do you do on a dailey basis. i have wanted to be a lawyer since ive been 10. so im gonna job shadow one. lawyers out there, do more


Well.. there's paperwork. Oh yes! After the paperwork, there's more paperwork. Oh yeah... can't forget...

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I'm in high school... I think being a lawyer would be interesting... how can I found out more about the job?

Would it be helpful to find a lawyer to shadow, be a gopher for? Be a page for the state senate? I really don't know, but I want to learn more


Check this out for some good, reliable info:

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Lawyer Possibly Using Case as Political Boost?

I know this will be a touchy topic because... well, it simply is just that. Nearly 3 years ago, my daughter was nearly killed by a head injury which resulted in her spending over a month in the hospital in recovery. She was in the care of my ex-wife...


There is nothing legally wrong with a lawyer taking a case he politically believes in. You seem to think...

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(I think) we're looking for a good estate lawyer near Inyo County, CA

My wife's estranged father just passed away. His wife had already passed away some time ago, so we're now at the point where we have to deal with what's left. We may need to hire some solid professional help. Details inside. We're 3000 miles away and...


Does your wife want anything to do with the estate? If not, she can bow out, not answer the phone and...

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= I have followed your Qs and predicament here. You and her certainly have a great need for specific...

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Is the Shadow Government an entire government, or just the bit that controls stuff?

There's the Shadow Council and the Shadow Court and the Shadow Military and all that shadow-jazz, but is there a Shadow Post Office? A Shadow Department of Motor Vehicles? A Shadow Bureau of Weights and Measures? A Shadow Census Bureau? A Shadow Smithsonian...


The shadow government in the UK is the main opposition party.

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And yet more favourite Lawyer Gaffes?

The following quotations are taken from official court records across the nation, showing how funny and embarrassing it is that recorders operate at all times in courts of law, so that even the slightest inadvertence is preserved for posterity. &bull...


HAHAH Those are so funny It sounds like something I would say

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Is our lawyer incompetent? Is it even worth changing lawyers now?

We think our lawyer, who has been working our case for over two years, may be incompetent, but we find it hard to determine for sure. He seems very compliant in regard to the other side, while being subject to brush-offs and delaying tactics from the...


Procedural niceness is really smart lawyering. Clients often think you should meanly punish the other...

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Collusion in a divorce action between Wife's former lawyer and Husbands lawyer?

In the middle of a divorce my lawyer got disbarred. I retained a new lawyer. My new lawyer emailed my husbands lawyer a draft of a final memorandum before we go to court. In an effort to gain an unfair advantage against me the following happened. Through...


You can report this lawyer to the state bar association.

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