How do I become a programmer?

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How do I become a developer/programmer?

The question is as simple as it gets. I want to learn how to be a developer/programmer. I don't know why, but I developed a new-found love for technology, and it inevitably led to coding. I don't know how to code properly, but I have learned a little Python. However, I realize that Python is mainly used websites. I want to create software. Objective C, C++, all that stuff is necessary for learning it right? I'm also aware that you have to be fairly good at math. Well, I'm a 15 year old Asian boy...


C++ and Java scripting are a must. I suggest going to a local communitty college and talking to an advisor...

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How to become a framework programmer?

I'm a rails programmer,  familiar with different meta-programming techniques, design patterns, and can write small gems with simple DSLs, but for the most part, I'm an application developer, I am comfortable with adding new business features, but not...


I'd recommend starting from nothing on a new gem ("bundle gem myframework") or with a small...

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How to Become a Freelance Programmer?

Hey, I'm a softmore in high school. I have experience in multiple programming languages, designing and programming software applications, making web sites, programming robots, creating 2D and 3D animations, and advanced image editing and manipulation...


If you have all those skills, you should be fine. At first you won't earn to much and the effort will...

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How to become a good computer programmer?

I am weak in maths.But passionate to become a good programmer.Can I di it?What should I do to become a good programmer?


Practice make man perfect. you have to practice of different programs. also you should aware with all...

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How do you become a computer programmer?

I would like to know about this because computers and technology interests me, and i would quite like to become one. I have a problem though: I have absolutely no knowledge in the area... I have used very basic web page creating things like Macromedia...


You start by learning computer programming - the same way you learned geography or history - by reading...

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How Smart Do You Need TO Be To Become A Programmer?

Hi, I am a first year Computer Science college student in the Philippines. I would just like to ask the opinion of programmers out there if an average or below average student could make it as professional programmer. The last few semesters were a horrible...


Maybe this is help you get inspired or make a drastic decision. It is not the mental prowess that makes...

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How fast can you become a good programmer ?

If, for example, you start learning JAVA, having ZERO experience in programming before that, do you think if you study every day at least 6 hours, for 5 months strength, you would become a good programmer ? Like, for instance, would you be able to write...


depends how well you can retain the information. Also, speeding up to learn won't help much. Programming...

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How does it feel to become a Game Developer/Programmer when coming from a competitive programming background?

I've been into competitive programming for almost 7 years now, I'm not a good competitive programmer but decent enough ( somewhere around bottom Div1 ). I've always wanted to become a game programmer and I did program a few games, but most of my friends...


I can't recommend it if you have a competitive attitude, at least at large game companies. Game development...

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How long it will take me to become a web designer and web programmer?

I am 30 now. I decided to become a web designer and web programmer. I am good in computer maintenance and that kind of stuff. I also know basics of HTML and CSS , But my programming skills are on "Hello world" level. I want to become good enough...


I don't want to discourage you from pursuing your dreams, but becoming a developer isn't an easy task...

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How to become a programmer?which course is best for me in London?

I am business student study in college(Level-6) in London.its my hobby that i want to be a good programmer also earn some money.I am looking for some course in London But i didn't find anything.I am looking for a course or training where they teach me...


Information is below.

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