How do I burn Camcorder Video without a PC?

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How do I burn Camcorder Video without a PC? | Yahoo Answers

I have a Sony (TG3) camcorder. I would like to burn my video content straight to DVD, preferably in HD format (if possible), without the use of a PC. The ...

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How do I transfer video from a DV camcorder to a pc to burn a dvd without loss of quality?

I have been able to transfer images using windows software but the quality is very poor and I want to be able to play back the DVD on a DVD player with TV in high quality.


Make sure you have a firewire port on your computer. If not, go out and buy a firewire card. Then purchase...

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I just bought a Panasonic HDC-HS9 Camcorder and i need help to burn HD videos onto a normal DVD?

I just bought this camcorder and it's really upsetting to me, that i can't just plug it into my PC and burn a DVD. I'm not talking about Blu Ray or Hi Def DVD...i just want it to play on a normal DVD player. I have family that lives all around the world...


Fella, please take it easy, i know how u feel and that is a hard thing to relax about.. anyway Did the...

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Can I transfer video from my camcorder directly to my PC?

I have a hybrid camcorder, i have taken videos using the hard drive on the camera i don't want to burn it onto the DVD (HDD) because i need to edit the video using my PC. I try connecting the camera and my PC with a USB cable but everytime i open the...


Tell us more about the brand, model of your camcorder will help. Look pretty good from the spec. Since...

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Sony DCR-HC36 video camcorder problems?

so my father got a camcorder from Egypt. but when he got back we couldn't view it properly because the screen will not be still. anyway i went to the sony store and he told me because its a PAN that it won't work here. however he recommanded me to buy...


You can also try a PAL / NTSC video converter. Here are some examples:

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Can a video file from PAL digital camcorder be played on a NTSC DVD player or be viewed on NTSC TV?

The thing is I am keen to buy this digital camcorder (Panasonic SDR-SW20) but it supports only PAL. Our TV system is NTSC. Now I know the video file is probably an AVI so I'm positive that I can view the file on my PC. What if I want to make the LCD...


a good quality video editor can save your PAL original video as NTSC for DVD burning. because NTSC is...

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How to get recorded video from camcorder to PC?

I have a Panasonic camcorder that can take pictures & video. I have a firewire connection and I can take pictures through windows explorer and have them saved directly to my hard drive. I can also see what is displayed on the camcorder in windows...


If you have a mac you can use final cut studio using the video capture feature. But if you have a pc...

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Download video from camcorder to PC?

I have an inexpensive Samsung Video Camcorder. It records on Tape only. No memory card slot, no hard drive. As I said it's an inexpensive one. It's a Samsung SC-D372 model. I would like to find out if I could download the video and it's associated audio...


You will find a read of this article very useful and informative and it should answer most of your questions...

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Transferring Video and Audio from Digital Camcorder to PC?

What do I need to EASILY transfer both video and audio from my digital camcorder to my PC? I went through the steps in my Sony handycam handbook to transfer video which worked fine, but I can't seem to find info on how to transfer audio. I connected...


Ilink is the same thing as Firewire, which is NOT the same as USB. Firewire is also called IEEE1394...

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Mini DV Camcorder Video Quality on PC: Why is the quality so poor when I upload it to my PC?

I have a Sony DCR-HC96 Camcorder. I don't have firewire on my PC but this camcorder allows uploads via USB. Is there any difference in video quality between USB and Firewire? I'm using the software that came with the Camcorder (Picture Package). How...


The video you transfer via USB is highly compressed - it's not intended to be used for video capture...

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