How do I burn an image onto a DVD?

Let’s learn how do I burn an image onto a DVD. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Ask Ubuntu.

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Can I burn the Ubuntu ISO CD image onto a DVD to install it?

I downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and I want to burn it but I don't have a CD I only have DVDs, can I burn it on a DVD and install it? cause I've googled it and some people said that it's not working but with older versions


I've always burned to a DVD. It will work just fine, so long as your burner can burn DVDs and the computer...

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DVD question, how to burn 8GB image file onto a 4.7 GB DVD?

I have a DVD image file in my hard disk. I need to burn it to a DVD. The only problem is that the DVD image file is 8GB but all I have is 4.7 GB DVD? How to burn to it? Kindly answer.


try a video shrink ~input video shrink in your browser. i know for a fact that "convertxtodvd"...

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How do i burn an ISO image of a video onto DVD with Imageburn?

how do i know which file is the iso image on my computer


If you want to burn iso image file onto DVD to watch well on dvd player, first you should note, most...

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How do I burn a dvd from a disk image?

I have a mac running OS X Tiger (10.4). I have a copy of a dvd that I want to back up because my daughter sometimes scratches up cds and dvds. I used Disk utility to create a disk image, but it is 5.5GB. The dvd-r's that bought are only 4.7GB. I am not...


You will need a compression program. I hesitated to answer due to me knowing little about mac OS's....

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Can I burn an .iso image of the Ubuntu live cd onto a DVD R or will it only work on a CDR?

I have downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu, and all I currently have are blank DVD R's, will an iso burn to one of these or must it be a CDR for it to work properly? Thanks more


only cd-r.

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How i can Burn IMAGE FILES to DVD with disk 2?

MY image file is 6 gb but i have only a dvd with only 4gb capacity,,,and im planning to just burn it with 2 disk,,,any ways??



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How to burn an image to dvd and make it to boot?

i have an image of win7 64 pro original (got from uni) and until now its just dosnt boot from the bios is there a good way to burn to the dvd so i can make it bootable - i have nero burning rom



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How do i burn an image over 4.7 gb on a dvd!!?

i want to burn an image file but it says file to largee i already used alot og programs.//does any body know a good one??


It doesn't matter what program you use. If you look, you will see there is a label printed on the disc...

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Should I burn the .iso image on a DVD+R DL ?

Hi. Few days ago, I downloaded Medal of Honor Airborne from The file containing the files for MoHA is in an .iso file that I extracted with PowerISO. Now I would Like to burn the image on a DVD Double Layer. What should I do ? Will it work...


The iso is just an image. Use Roxio or other burn software to burn the image (.iso) file to the DVD...

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I'm not familiar with Mac file systems but I know a dmg is the Mac disk image format. I suspect "...

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