How do I burn VHS to a disk?

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How to Convert VHS to CD | eHow

How to Convert VHS to CD By Ty Arthur eHow Contributor ... you can then burn them to a CD so that you can watch them anytime you have access to a computer.

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I am trying to burn a vhs tape to a dvd recorder. having problems with it not allowing to dubb to dvd+r disk?

I am trying to burn a home movie vhs tape to a dvd+r disk on a toshiba dvd/vhs recorder. it won't recognize the disk and says incorrect disk C104. One I load both the vhs tape more


does your recorder burn dvd+r and dvd-r or just one of those two, there is a diffrence between the plus...

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Is there anyway you can get a movie on Blu Ray or DVD format that is only out on VHS?

There are several movies that I enjoyed as a child that have yet to be released on DVD or Blu Ray. Many of these movies were highly successful but for some reason or another aren’t available on any other format besides VHS. Although, I still have...


there is a away to transfer vhs to dvd just not 100% sure what its called but if you go to like Radio...

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Watching VHS tapes on Mac iBook

Summary: Is there any way I can use my iBook as a monitor for my VCR? I'd like to watch -- not capture, just watch -- VHS tapes with my iBook (running OSX 10.2.6; 256MB memory, 700 MHz PowerPC G3 processor). Details: I've got a VCR and lots of tapes...


Hello there chrysippus-ga! It sounds like you need a video capture device that is iBook-compatible...

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What would be the best device to convert VHS to File-DVD-cd and why can somebody tell me or give advices,?

theres a lot devices but i don't know wich one is the best for me, i want conver a vhs to computer file, but not to heavy i mean don't use much space in my hard disk, also if i need, burn it in cd or dvd, connect to tv and from time to time record some...


I hope English isn't your first language because that whole thing you wrote is a train wreck. I think...

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Can I burn VHS from TV to dvd format on computer which has dvd burner?

I have an older tv that has audio video outlets and whatnot connected to a vcr which plays tapes and my question was can I burn the content of one of my videotapes to dvd by connecting cables from the vhs to my computer? I have a slim external samsung...


if you are looking for a guide about burning vhs tape videos to dvd, here's one for you: http://www...

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VHS to DVD burner (Lite-On LVC-9016G DVD + VHS Co). Wont burn protected VHS Videos.?

Is there a way to disable protection from VHS videos so they can be burned to DVD?


Hi Larman, The notch is only there to keep you from accidentally recording on the VHS tape. If I understand...

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Can a blu ray disk be fixed after failed burn?

I tried out my precious 50 gig blu ray disk by burning a disk image. the burn froze when it was testing it and now it says disk is unusable. it says its full (circle filled in blue) but it says it has 0 files on the disk. Is there any way to repair the...


nope its gone.

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.iso disk image, burn from image v. extract and burn normally?

Was wondering if anyone could verify this for me. Is there a difference between burning a .iso disk image to a CD-R by using software such as Roxio. And extracting the image and burning the files to a CD-R as you would with common files? I only ask because...


by compressing all the files to an .iso image and burning to a disk that would make the disk bootable...

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How to burn avi files to dvd disk?

I have some movies I want to burn onto a disk to play on my dvd player. Can anyone tell me a program that will burn a avi file to a disk. i tryed to burn it with sonic and the disk will not play.


The program that I use is ConvertXtoDVD. It will convert and burn almost any video file type and codec...

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