How do I change my main email address on Verizon Yahoo?

Let’s learn how do I change my main email address on Verizon Yahoo. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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On your mail page round about the top of the page click on Try the new Yahoo mail. Or click on this...

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as far as i know .. the answer is no

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Can I use my email (really Yahoo) with Comcast Internet?

I have used Yahoo email for quite some time but when I got Verizon Fios I then got Verizon/Yahoo Email and my email address is I do not want to lose my email files etc. with Verizon/Yahoo. Somehow can I just change the email to


no you can't.

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I just cancelled my email account with Verizon DSL. I want to keep my Yahoo mail account?

I am awareof the fact that I cannot continue to use the domain as an email address. But can I change the email account to and keep all of current email messages in my inbox, including those stored in the inbox?


nope- only those you already have on your yahoo account- one is your internet service provider who provides...

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Unable to have email forwarded using yahoo's email.program because isnt a option in the drop dn . isnt a option on the drop down menu to have your email authomatically change by yahoo letting people know you changed your email address


I ran into this problem as well. I would just create and email in your Yahoo account and add all your...

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How do I CHANGE the name I used to FORM my Yahoo Email address to a NEW name WITHOUT losing MY Email Address?

This is a fairly simple Yahoo type question as in " How do I change my password?" etc. and so on... In my case it is VERY important to me because I am disabled and forming a corporation I can operate (primarily) from home and as my health conditon...


I'm not your favorite 'helper' but -short and sweet - here's how to change the name showing 'From' on...

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I am in a group and want to change my primary email to my yahoo email address?

I joined a yahoo group and set up my hotmail address as my primary email to get emails from the group. I want to change it so I get email from the group at my yahoo email address. I keep trying to change it in email preferences and at the group site...


Sign in to the group. At top of page, click on Edit Membership. Under Step #1, scroll to "Email...

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When I email a Yahoo! news story my alternative email is used as my return address. How can I change it?

Whenever I try to email a Yahoo news story to a friend my alternative email address is shown as my return email address. Is there a way to get my primary email address to be inserted as my default return email address?


GOTO options (upper right hand side of mail page). Under management, GOTO "Mail Addresses"...

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My Verizon Yahoo email account was hacked, and I need to change my password. Verizon was no help. Ditto yahoo.?

Verizon Yahoo account was hacked, sending Viagara ads to all my contacts. Need to change email password. Verizon said its a Yahoo thing. Yahoo instructions dont work. Help?


The yahoo password is fairly simple you must be doing some thing wrong,so try again Sonetimes the simpleset...

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How do I forward ALL my email that comes to yahoo to my new email address? How do I change my REPLY TO address

I have a new email address and don't want to lose any email that might be sent to yahoo, but don't want to have to check 2 email boxes, so I want to have all my yahoo email more


I suppose it depends on if you are completely getting rid of the old account. Do you plan to keep it...

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