How do I change the font size?

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Firefox- How to change font size of right-click context menu?

Using Firefox v9.0.1 on OS X Lion v10.7.2 In userChrome.css, how do I adjust the font size that appears in the context menu when you right-click on something (like a link) on a web page? I tried DOM inspector but cannot decipher what I am looking for. Related to this thread: Firefox- How to change font size of items in folder on bookmarks toolbar? Thanks


The CSS selector for the Right-click context menu is: #contentAreaContextMenu * { property: value !important...

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On CSS code, how do I change the font size of my normal text?

Just this morning I have been coding one of my websites layouts for the first time and I have everything but the font size correct. My background, scrollbar, everything. I have all my text in the places they need to be, but I can't seem to change the...


you missed out the closing } at the end of h3

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How can i change the font size in my about me with this layout?

it wont let me change the font size. the code is: <a href="… style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; height:90px; width:222px;background-image:url(); background-repeat:no-repeat; z-index:9;"...


throughout the layout there's things that say font-size: 7px Just change that 7 to whatever size you...

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How can I change the font size of only a specific part of a Microsoft Word document?

I need to change text that font size 7 to font size 12, without changing other parts of the document. For instance, the titles within the document are font size 18 and need to remain that way, but all text that is font size 7 should be changed to font...


Search and Replace Specific Formatting (fonts, styles,etc) in Microsoft Word In the "Find What...

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IM font size box did not appear, how do I change font?

Font size box to change font from 10 to 12; did not show up next to imvironment this morning. How do I access this in order to change the font size?


Click on View at top of IM box ,on dropdown click "text formatting bar"

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How to change font size from kodak esp office 2170 printer?

Even though the default font size on Microsoft Works document is 10, when I print from my new Kodak ESP Office 2170 the print size is really small, like down around 8. If I increase the font size in MS Works the printed size does increase but always...


Just go in the printer preferences and increase the SCALING to 100 or 120%. This will print the document...

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How Do I Change Default Email Font Size with AT&T Yahoo Browser Toolbar?

I'm trying to help out my Dad with a computer problem but he is in Norther California and I am in Seattle. His Internet Provider (IP) is SBC Global, his Operating System (OS) is Microsoft XP, his Browser is Internet Explorer-8, and he has the AT&...


You shouldn't focus your attention on the AT&T Yahoo Browser Toolbar. Toolbars provide a convenient...

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Internet font too small to read, how to change font size?

internet font too small to read, how to change font size? This is the current size.


While the page is displayed, hold down the CTRL key and then rotate the mouse wheel 1 click at a time...

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How to change Font size & font color when writing yahoo email message?

When writing yahoo email message, how to change the Font size and how to chnage the color of the font such as bllack to blue . I have wndows 7


There is a drop dwn box....

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How do i change the font size on my Yahoo email page?

somehow everything changed to 18 point font and i want it to be smaller. when i go to compose a msg there is a drop down that allows you to change font style and size but it does that change the size of the font on my in box and will not stay set for...


Hold down the Control button on your keyboard and move the scroll wheel on your mouse toward you. Or...

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