How do I change the font size in my mail text?

Let’s learn how do I change the font size in my mail text. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Font size wont change in e-mail text?

when I select a size it alwaws go back to 12 when I hit a key


Open your mail as if your going to read an email message. Then press and hold down your Ctrl key on...

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How do I change font size for Yahoo e-mail text?

There I was, merrily typing along, and all of a sudden the size of the font went from readable to miniscule. HELP!!


I am so frustrated, ...having the same problem and tried everything.

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I know what you mean ,,,look for a save-settings somewhere...if not live with it like the rest of us...

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How to change yahoo mail font size on android phone?

A few weeks ago my font size while reading an e-mail got super tiny! When reading a message I cannot change the font size by using the volume keys (only works while reading a text more


You can try the following steps: - Tap on the option called Menu on the home screen, then tap the option...

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How do I change the time zone in yahoo mail. and default font?

When I receive a e-mail the time stamp as to when it was sent is set on PST and I would like to change it to EST. Also how do you change the text size and font type so you don't have to select it each time you write an email?


Emails originating in the Yahoo system carry a time stamp according to the main servers on the west...

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How do I change font size?

How would I change font size when composing an E-mail? Could it be I am using plain text instead of say HTML?


When going into options and changing the font size, it only applies when you are using Plain Text, which...

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Yahoo mail font problems?

I am using Windows 7 & Firefox 11.0 but have a problem with my yahoo mail... no matter what I choose for my default font type, size and colour for my emails it always displays as Times New Roman, about size 20 and black. I use Rich Text all the time...


On the email page, top of the page click view, put your arrow on zoom then click 100%.

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How do I customize my e-mail, such as changing the font, adding a smiley face, spell check, etc.?

Before I had to restore my computer I was able to customize, edit, change ink color, change font, spell check, or add a smiley face to the text. Now all I have is courier new font. One size. No options. How do I get the old "free" mail package...


when in your inbox go 'options' at the top right side of the screen and select 'general preferences...

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New mail is stupid, here are no font size, no icons?

when i write a mail i cannot change my font size, cannot put any icons, nor color of the text


I'm having all the same problems, have tried several browsers, no help. Don't know why everything changed...

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