How do I change the font size in

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Need help with FrontPage form using totals.

I need help with totaling money on a FrontPage webpage form. I have done them in the past where the user enters a number that indicates the number of items a person wants. This will total at the right and grand total at the bottom. On the form I'm creating...


Hi yelladog-ga, Good day and thanks for your question. i've modified your code in a number of places...

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On CSS code, how do I change the font size of my normal text?

Just this morning I have been coding one of my websites layouts for the first time and I have everything but the font size correct. My background, scrollbar, everything. I have all my text in the places they need to be, but I can't seem to change the...


you missed out the closing } at the end of h3

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I want to change my blogs XML template's blogtitle font size and post font size. ?

I am a young blogger. I found a free blogtemplate and I need to change the blogtitle font size because its too small and i also need to change the blogs post font size because its also small. anyone help me? I give the full templates HTML code below...


edit profile

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How can i change the font size in my about me with this layout?

it wont let me change the font size. the code is: <a href="… style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; height:90px; width:222px;background-image:url(); background-repeat:no-repeat; z-index:9;"...


throughout the layout there's things that say font-size: 7px Just change that 7 to whatever size you...

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Why cant I change font size, bold, underline or change font color: mail stationary?

I am composing an email, using stationary. I cannot change the font or font size, cannot bold, underline or italicize the font or change the color of the font. Why is this?How do I more


I have the same problem, it was all right until yahoo's mail upgrade it hasn't worked since. I can resize...

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How can I change the font size of only a specific part of a Microsoft Word document?

I need to change text that font size 7 to font size 12, without changing other parts of the document. For instance, the titles within the document are font size 18 and need to remain that way, but all text that is font size 7 should be changed to font...


Search and Replace Specific Formatting (fonts, styles,etc) in Microsoft Word In the "Find What...

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IM font size box did not appear, how do I change font?

Font size box to change font from 10 to 12; did not show up next to imvironment this morning. How do I access this in order to change the font size?


Click on View at top of IM box ,on dropdown click "text formatting bar"

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Is it possible to publish a book via Kindle & iBooks and ensure that the reader cannot change the font style, but still allow the reader to change the font size?

I have written a novel which uses 5 different font styles, and for a reader to comprehend the work, the font styles need to remain intact.  I like the feature to change the font size and would like to retain this, but I cannot see that would be possible...


If you set the font of a section of text with a non-general tag (anything but p, div, span, body, or...

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Why did font size change on only one of my multiple yahoo email accts?

2 of my 3 yahoo accts, using rich text (not "classic"), default to a readable text size (8). One acct only now suddenly defaults to sub-8 font size, maybe 6? This is new, and there's no way to set the rich text default font size? This is not...


On the email account that is not working properly Try this On keyboard hit 'Control Shift Delete' together...

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Where is the link to change the font size of My Contacts in the new Messenger? Font size 4 is useles

the font size in the new messenger Contacts List is about a size 4 and very difficult to read.How can it be changed to Font size 10 as there is NO link to do this like there is for that actual messages


Kissie is correct about the location but I wanted to give you more specific instructions. At the top...

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