How do I choose a mentor for my professional life?

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How To Choose A Mentor - Practical Mentor

How To Choose A Mentor Apr ... Your mentor does not even have to ... Choose different mentors for different facets of your professional (and even personal) life.

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If you could choose a mentor / life coach?

fictional or real, who would you choose and why? What would you want them to "teach" you?


Einstein. I hope a real person from the past still qualifies. I wouldn't care what he taught me(teaches...

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How to find someone to be an intellectual mentor for them?

How to find someone to be an intellectual mentor for them?The difficulties I see in finding someone are: 1) I'm not around many new people (esp. younger) that would be interested and 2) why would they choose me? This question


I agree with languagehat. This proposal is going to have a creepy feel to many in your prospective audience...

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Am I meant to be a software engineer, mentor, or someone else?

I am a Chemical Engineer form a premier institute in India.But I never enjoyed being Chemical Engineer(Didn't like it).So during my B-tech I used to every thing other than being a Chemical Engineer.I have done Photoshop, movie editing and VFX for college...


a person with all feelings :/

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If you were asked to choose between five things that complete your life,which one would you choose?

Here is the thing. If the five most important things in your life are in extreme danger and a strange one arrives at your door one morning giving you only one opportunity to save one of those five things that you love so much,would you accept it?which...


I will keep my dreams because they consist of hopes and prayers for my family and my country. If I can...

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How to choose a mentor?

How to choose a mentor? After a bad experience with an older person who was suppose to help me, in the end it didn't work out so well. Looking back I should have seen the warning signs but now it is too late. What should people beware of when choosing...


I've had really good luck with professional mentors. My boss for one of my first jobs made it a prof...

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Having a mentor to review your vision to succeed in life?

Hi, I read that to succeed in life you need to have a vision and a development plan. To do it right it is good to have a mentor - an 'outside voice' who BELIEVES IN YOU and can review your vision/action plan. Should I ask someone to be my mentor? Can...


You can be your own mentor. You do need to have a dream/vision/goals in order to live a happy life....

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In your next life, would you choose riches over love?

Say you're in Heaven, and having become bored with the good weather, have decided to go down to Reincarnation Hall and input data into the Life Chooser computer. The question comes up, would you accept a life of riches without love, or a life of love...


No way! The love is just way too happifying.

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Finding the answers of life, mentor?

I am an 18 year old male living in idaho. I am constantly perplexed on questions in life that i believe no one person can answer except possibly myself. I see life as a journey and wish to find the answers i am looking for before my inevitable death...


I am the one! :)

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North Carolina allows "Choose Life" specialty license plate while denying pro-choice plates. Is this right?

The Legislature approved the specialty license plate bill, H.B. 289, on June 18, and Gov. Beverly Perdue signed it into law on June 30. It approved a "Choose Life" specialty plate despite the fact that in 2004 the 4th Circuit struck down that...


It's probably not right, but why do people feel the need to express their political or moral views on...

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