How do I choose a new hdtv TV Digital Antenna?

Let’s learn how do I choose a new hdtv TV Digital Antenna. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Choosing the right digital antenna increases the number of free local channels you receive on your high...

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I have an HD Plasma TV. I want to get an HDTV outdoor antenna. Do I need a converter box?

I have an old Panasonic 42" Plasma screen TV. I want to get rid of cable and Satellite and buy a HDTV antenna. I found several to choose from on But some come with a converter box. Do I need a converter box? What does a converter box do...


It already has a digital converter built in. On the antenna issue: Don't buy one, make one! Speaking...

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My Dynex 32 inch 720p HDTV recently stopped working, I don't know if it's the TV or the antenna?

I don't know whether it's the TV or the antenna that stopped working, I'm using a regular antenna to get basic channels because I don't wanna buy cable. When I first got it a month ago, everything was working fine like most of the channels would start...


The most likely issue is the antenna. Carefully check the screw on connector at the back and make sure...

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Can I use an HDTV antenna with my regular TV?

I don't even know whether my TV is a digital or analog. All I know is it was a 10-year-old TV. I give up the cable/sattlelite monopoly service and want to try an indoor TV antenna but I got confused when most of them say HDTV on the box. By the way,...


most certainly, it could also work vice-versa. 30 miles isn't much but if you decide indoor I think...

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Will an HDTV antenna work with a standard definition TV?

I have a standard definition TV, and I'm looking for a new indoor antenna. Will I get any reception using an HDTV antenna? Obviously I wouldn't get HD quality picture, but more


No, it will not but a hanger will. So just save your money by using a hanger.

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If I ditch cable, put up an antenna to get broadcast TV, how do I record HDTV?

What I'm thinking about is putting up an antenna and go with the 20 or so TV channels in my location. But I've come to really love my Comcast DVR for HD, which includes the menu guide and really easy recording. How do I record in HD while getting my...


You can get a standalone DVR/PVR that can record in HD from antenna. Most of these do not have any sort...

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Can you connect 3 Tv to Terk Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna?

Here is alink to the antenna I am looking into.


In addition to what the others have said, this antenna is not multi directional so it has to be pointed...

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Which HDTV LCD tv would you choose?

If you had a choice which OF HDTV LCD TV's with all the bells and whistles which one would you choose and why? One for example would be: Sony Bravia 46" LCD Full 1080P HDTV Thank you! :)


It's not a matter of "would" it's a matter of "did" choose a Bravia.... Love it...

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Can hd tuners and antenna's be used with older tv's to get hdtv channels?

wondering if I can buy tuner and antenna to be used on my old tv, or should I buy new tv with tuner?


Go buy new tv ,throw old one away ur sell old one in yard garage or basement sale. best buy futureshop...

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I have an HDTV "ready" TV. Tuner? Antenna?

I would like to get rid of the evil Comcast bill. What do I need to do? Is there a tuner/antenna combo?


If you will be satisfied with only the OTA TV available in your area, and you are reasonably close to...

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