How do I clear links that have been clicked from google search?

Let’s learn how do I clear links that have been clicked from google search. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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When logged in, does Google search downrank links you have already clicked and/or +1ed?

I manage a website that includes the homepage the group "People Under The Stairs". When I search for them when logged in, our site shows up on page #3. When not logged in, they are the #4 search result. This strikes me as counter-intuitive - my level of interaction with the site, as well as my friends, should increase its relevancy, not decrease it. I should note that we have an Adwords campaign running for this exact search term, which does show up in both circumstances. What would be...


It would be surprising if personalization put your site on page 3. Visiting or clicking on pages shouldn...

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Can I view my Google search history somewhere along with the links that I clicked on?

Google remembers the search terms and the links I clicked on before but can I view them together somewhere.


Yes, you can view your Google search history at

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No, gmail data is not used in search, because that could introduce privacy violations.

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My google links bring me to the wrong and random websites?

I've recently ran avg to delete the couple of viruses I had, I ran malware bytes and removed malware, and I've been clearing up registry problems with CC Cleaner. Now the only problems I'm having after doing all of this is on the Internet. Whenever I...


RegCure and AVG aren't really that good -- I would stick with just CCleaner and Spybot: Search and Destroy...

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Google/search redirect problem?

I don't know if this problem exists with other search engines because I've only used google. Every once in a while, whenever I search for something, I get redirected when I click on the link. The links are familiar and trusted sites so they are not the...


It sounds like the Google redirect virus. To remove it scan your PC with

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I was successfully using Google to search for recipes. Suddenly, when I would open a new website in a tab...?

...the URL would switch, re-routing to another website with a bunch of unrelated commercial links. Why/how did this happen? This happened each time I clicked on the Google search page to open in a new tab.


It is called Redirect. That is why I use Firefox with the RedirectRemover add on

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What do I do to fix my Google search engine?

When i search for something in google it will come up with the search results but when i click any of the given links it takes me to a completley different place for instince i will go to google now and search for "Yahoo Answers"....It took...


First from this website you can learn How to Create a Website 1. Website...

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Odd return on a Google search

Hi, kids! A Google search for "wav files" (with or without quotation marks)has brought up two pages from my Web site on the first page of returns for years now (did today too, BTW).The other returns have been the same sites for years as well...


Hi, To help Google weed out these types of sneaky redirects you can visit this page here for info ...

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What are the links between Google Search and Google+ posts?

I noticed that sharing a post on google+ lets to obtain results on google search - it immediately appears on first page for specific keywords included in the title. I find that it is great and would like to master the process better. So I would need...


There was a time when Google cared about the most relevant result and wouldn't even consider manipulating...

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How do I keep Google from seeing which search result I clicked?

Can I make my Google search results not pass through Google? When I search on Google I get back a page of search results, like I always have. But lately I've been noticing that every single search result has a link that passes back through Google. I...


From the maker of Adblock Plus: Google/Yandex search link fix plugin for Firefox

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