How do I clear our memory on an Android device?

Let’s learn how do I clear our memory on an Android device. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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I have the complete source code of my Android device. How can I make my internal phone memory/SD card be used as a swap space in my Android phone to increase performance on low RAM?

I have complete source code for my Android phone. What I need is to allocate space from SDcard or Internal Phone memory to be used as swap space for Android. I know its there in Linux, but how can I port the same in my Android device. What could be the...


XDA developers Solution. 1.- Root your device  2.- Make a swap partition in your sdcard (this step will...

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Are there any ways of being able to transfer apps from phone memory to the external memory in an Android device?

Rooting a device disables its warranty right? So, suggestions apart from this would be helpful. Also, why exactly is one unable to transfer apps directly to the external memory?


Well, I would say if you are running JellyBean 4.2+ Android version then transferring of application...

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Does adding memory to an android device make it faster?

I have a simple droid it's been running on the phone memory but I've realized it's been slower as of lately I heard that if I add a memory card of 16gb it'll help with more


Not, but give it a try. I'd suggest any Android have a SD card for external memory anyway. The more...

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What Sumit Gouthaman said, with an exception, if you are updating an app that already came with your...

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Android tablet good deal or not?

hey guys is this a good deal or not ill put price after you tell me is specs are good Primary Function: Android Internet Tablet Screen: 7 Inch Touchscreen LCD Screen Type: Resistive Screen Resolution: 800*480 CPU Processor: WM8650, high-performance ...


Well it depends what you mean by good deal. To me, the specs on this android are extremely basic, and...

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Will Motorola manufacture a "The Android Phone/Tablet" series?

In the world of Android, there are many devices for us to choose from. Google develops the core OS and then various device manufacturers take that, modify that to fit their various phones and tablets, (and phablets), and then release it to the market...


My answer to Why doesn't Google have Motorola make its Nexus branded Android devices? is that Google...

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Phone to access memory card

Can I connect an external memory stick or memory card to my phone? (with an adapter) The answer's no I think - but does anyone sell an adapter or dongle that would allow me to access data on a memory card or stick that's attached to my smartphone? Imagine...


Your phone need to support USB On-The-Go and you'll need a hard to find cable.

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Consumer Electronics: Whats the best device to type (write and code) on while in transit?

I am looking for a device to help write blog posts, document code, keep a journal, and also for coding / programming small stuff while I'm on the train / durring my commute. I currently own a Mac laptop, kindle touch, and a Motorola android phone. I...


There's something called, the open pandora. I've never got my hands on one. But they look very promising...

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Are Android apps and games supposed to run in all android devices with the same performance?

If I get an Android App let's say Monster Shooter will it have the same performance on my Samsung Galaxy Player compared to a Samsung 10.1 or a Coby tablet or any other cheap device. Is it like computer games that have requirements and will run more...


Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Absolutely not. Every app or game uses system processor, and its performance...

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Why does my Micromax A35 Android mobile has to be reset each time the battery dies?

I have a Micromax A35 Android phone. Whenever I forget to plug in the charger and the battery level goes to 0%, the mobile phone just doesn't restart even after plugging it in. I took my phone to the Micromax store and the guy "loaded" OS again...


Because its Micromax.

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