How can I access my localhost from my Android device?

Let’s learn how can I access my localhost from my Android device. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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How can i access my localhost from my android device?

Am able to access my laptop web server using the android emulator, am using works well. But when i connect my real android phone, the phone browser cannot connect to the same web server on my laptop. The phone is connected to the laptop using a USB cable. If i run the adb devices command, i can see my phone. What am i missing? Gath


USB doesn't provide network to mobile device. If it's connected to your wifi, then hit your laptop address...

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Why is the Android device encryption password the same as the password used to access the device?

Wouldn't good security have a separate password for device decryption, from the daily used login password?


As an experienced user of Android OS, the purpose of similarity between device encryption and access...

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Is it possible to assign an IP address from the wireless router to a Raspberry Pi behind my laptop so that I can access the Raspberry Pi from my Android device?

I have : 1) Wireless Router 2) Laptop connected to the router 3) RasPi connected to Laptop with Cross-over RJ45 4) Android Device connected to router


I'm guessing here, but it sounds like your laptop is connected to the router only via WiFi.  What operating...

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Is it possible to limit 3G usage on an Android device to only a particular app such that no other app/browser has access to 3G?

If I wanted to provide turnkey Android devices (hardware + ongoing 3G) to retailers but wanted to ensure that the device is not used for anything but the redemption app I have built, is this possible?


Yeah, it's possible. You're going to have to download another app though. If you're phone's rooted,...

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What can you use to access your files on a computer remotely using an Android device?

You should be able to browse to the files in a file manager type thing and just open audio and video files and copy files and folders to your android device. And it should be not just for accessing in the local network but through the internet like at...


ES File Explorer So  far this is the best one I have tried, works...

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Well, first of all I think your question is lacking somewhere with the usage of proper words because...

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Is there any app from which i can access application on my android device like whats app etc. remotely using my pc,which do not require root?

i want to access some applications on my android phone using the internet and the pc,is it possible ?


There are 3 apps which are android emulators.we can install them in pc and we can run android apps....

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Try this and then look at your issues again. First: Opening a spam message can create a ton of problems...

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Why can't I access my Yahoo Mail on my Android device?

I have a new tablet that runs on Android 2.2 and while I can load email from gmail and MSN, I can't get my yahoo mail account set up...Help


You can get a free app for yahoo mail from android market. Try that out. Also try free apps like enhansed...

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Is there a way to access Google MyMaps on an Android device?

Seems crazy Google does not do this itself. There's an iphone app... but is there an Android one?


Yes you can access your Google MyMaps from an Android, it's actually easier than with an iPhone. Check...

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