How can I pause and restart animations in Android?

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How can i pause and restart an animations in Android?

Can anyone please tell me how to pause and restart an animations in Android. Animation XML is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <set xmlns:android="" android:shareInterpolator="false"> <translate android:fromXDelta="500%" android:toXDelta="0%" android:fromYDelta="0%" android:toYDelta="0%" android:duration="10000" android:fillAfter="true"...


There's no supporting API for pausing/resuming animations in API level 11. The features have been added...

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How could I make awesome animations like Path animations in android?

I just want to make some awesome animations like Path android version. That would be great if someone guide me with tutorials.


Finally I found myself how to make Path animations by using Arcs Menu library from AndroidViews - Custom...

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How to pause a http download and restart modem?

using firefox would like to restart modem but download is halfway done, is it possible to pause download and restart modem then unpause and continue ?


This all depends on how your downloading it.... Most downloads puts a copy on your computer... so if...

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Why is there no "Restart" option in Android OS based phones?

Its very irritating to restart phone manually. Also, restart is frequently needed., for eg. to connect to WiFi many times I have to restart my phone.


Try installing some modified Android version like Cyanogen Mod. You'll get root access and restart phone...

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Whats a good video recording app that has a pause button for android ?? please help?

i record vodeos on my phone sometime s for youtube and i need an app which can pause ur recording i have an android if u noe a program on the computer too that would be nice


They do not put pause buttons on camcorder for one good reason, read on... Because a Pause button will...

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Why can't we pause while video recording on android devices?

It was a very helpful feature and all previous camera phones (Symbian, Sony proprietary) used to have it. Why doesn't Android support 'pause' function in video recording mode? It does save a lot of memory if we wish to skip parts we don't want to record...


It does allow pause. At least on my device. Samsung Galaxy Note. You might want to check around in your...

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Was it a design decision to not have a restart functionality for native android,and if so, why?

Although there are ways by which you can achieve the same,through app etc...why is there no 'one touch' functionality to achieve the same?. Most android users,who have been using their phones for more than 2 years would find a 'one tap restart'much useful...


Ohk rephrasing the question.Was it a design decision to not have a ,one tap restart functionality.I...

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Why do web animations lag on Android Devices but not on iOS Devices?

I've just got myself a HTC One and I love it. The only thing that I cannot get my head around is how a premium phone like this with class leading specifications cannot render web animations smoothly, but my 4 year old iPod Touch can? Slide-out menus...


HTC One lags? Sir I, not being a eye-specialist, can still pretty surely say that you are suffering...

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Try these sites:…

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go under settings

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