How can I implement idle timeout in android?

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how to implement request timeout in android?

friends, I'm running into an issue when i try to call webservice and the server/internet is not available. It appears that the connection is taking a long time to timeout can i set timout manually to show error messgage to user? any help would be appreciated.


Set up your HttpClient this way. BasicHttpParams httpParams = new BasicHttpParams(); ConnManagerParams...

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How can we implement app battery quota for android?

In every mobile OS there is energy resource conflict by multiple background apps, which lead to user complaints as user find the phone shut down when trying to make a call. How can we implement a battery quota system for background apps in android, such...


Very fast thinking out of my head, first thing I'd do (instead of re-inventing the wheel) is to take...

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What are the ways to implement virtual currency/coins/points in an android app?

I am developing a chatting kind of an android app which would require coins/points/virtual currency implementation in it. Is there any API that provides this implementation ? What is the best way to implement this functionality


OS APIs will only help you make transactions with hard money - through their proprietary store. If you...

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What is the best way to implement geo-fencing using an android app?

I would like to know different approaches to implement geo-fencing for a shopping/lifestyle application on Android. The goal is not to drain the battery by polling the location continuously. Some ideas: Since it is a shopping app, we might poll it during...


You may consider Placer's technology, generating (with a low battery SDK) rich user profiles by leveraging...

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Did Google implement a bug in Android to push its Chrome Browser?

Everytime I set Dolphin or Firefox as my standard browser some days afterwards it's resetted and Android asks again. That's the case with any browser except Google Chrome. Did Google implement this Bug to push Google Chrome?


No. That would cost Google an insane amount of money in a subsequent anittrust lawsuit if they ever...

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How can I implement an infinite scroll view in Android 2.2?

I need to implement an horizontal gallery with infinite scroll to the left and to the right (circular). What can the the best approach to do this using Android 2.2 with and API 8? Thanks in advance for your help.


Android has a Gallery component. But I wouldn't recommend using that one, because it's a) - deprecated...

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How hard would it be to implement the iOS API on Android?

Motivation: Apple makes you write iOS applications in C/objC/C++ using their libraries. Google/Android makes it easiest to write applications in Java using their libraries, but lets you do whatever you want, up to and including emulators. In particular...


Erm...all of it? All of NSFoundation and CocoaTouch and the frameworks like MapKit and CoreLocation...

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What is the fastest way to implement push functionality with your android + iphone application without dealing too much of writing extra services?

We are going to implement push functionality for our mutli platform application and looking for easiest way to integrate without dealing too much with the services that sending data to both apple and google push servers. (Any third party service like...


PubNub API is brilliant for multi-platform, as it is scalable as we...

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How do we implement a 3-level expandable list view in Android and make the childs in the final view clickable?

I get the data for theExpandable listview at the runtime (of course has the format beforehand).How can I implement this?(Any tutorial links are helpful). Example: First Level:Displays names.Click on any name expands another Expandable List view Second...


Note: You should not combine any scrollable widgets (like ListView inside another ListView). ExpandableListView...

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What are good ways to implement the visual effect of Flipboard's flip in sideway direction or just flipping a page effect in Android app? Are there any simple examples available?

My app has an activity with GridView to show curated photos. As I scroll down, new photos get updated on the current activity screen. I want to replace this "scroll down" effect with "Flip" effect. Should I use Drawables/Canvas or...


For building flip animations between views for android, you should try out the wonderful android-flip...

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