How can I implement a multilayer social network in R?

Let’s learn how can I implement a multilayer social network in R. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Computational Science.

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How could I implement this neural network in R?

In Establishing, versus maintaining, brain function: a neurocomputational model of cortical reorganisation after injury to the immature brain, Varier et al develop a neural network model of motor control and then "lesion" it as it is training. I am new to neural networks and really do not even know where to begin in emulating them so that I can investigate this further for myself. Any hints would be appreciated. The details of the model can be found on page 16 of the linked arxiv paper...


Actually, there are two considerable packages in R to handle neural networks with easiness. Here they...

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How can I implement an artificial neural network in a microcontroller?

can I implement artificial neural network in an 8-bit microcontroller? what are the requirements of the hardware needed to implement ANN?


I  will assume that you only plan on implementing the forward-propagation phase (i.e. using a trained...

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Assuming you're using the nnet package, you can take a data frame of new examples (call it newdata)...

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You will need category 5 (cat5) ethernet cable or better, (a) gigabit switch(es) with enough ports for...

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How do you implement WiFi mesh network technology in an embedded device?

I currently have a prototype of a device that can be remote controlled by a smartphone using Bluetooth. However I found LIFX ( the smart wifi light bulb ), which seems to be able to connect to the user's home wifi, while at the same time being able to...


Yes, there are lots of WiFi controller chips out there.  Most of the mesh is all software add-on.  If...

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Can Apache Storm be used to implement neural network algorithms or deep learning algorithms? If yes, what are some examples?

I though as the topology computing framework of Apache Storm is similar to neural network algorithm or deep learning algorithm. Does the neural network algorithm or deep learning algorithm can run in the Storm topology framework? Storm: Neural network...


This one is not exactly is what you search for but this is a nice beginning, which is build on trident...

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Can we use electronic components to implement Artificial Neural Network?

I know some differences between Biological Neural Network and Artificial Neural Network. But my question is, are Artificial Neural Networks made of biological cells and membranes or is Artificial Neural Network can be implemented using VLSI i.e., by...


ANNs are usually just computer programs with a network of data structures, not an actual physical network...

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How would you implement a neural network on a web application?

Probably a stupid question, but I'm new to web development.   How would I implement a neural network as part of a web application?   What language would be best for this: HTML5, JavaScript, etc.?


A neural net implementation, or any learner implementation, contains two parts: training and scoring...

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What is the best way to try to implement a social network in a big international European construction company?

I just started a 6 month internship in one of the major european construction companies. They have some ideas and developed some tools in order to progress in the knowledge management politic. My mission is to think and elaborate an idea that will hopefully...


First find a problem that can be solved efficiently by an internal social network. Technology in itself...

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How to implement a simple Bayes Network to support Hiring Decision?

Hi all, I am thinking of implementing a simple Bayes Network to decide if a candidate should be hired as an exercise. I am thinking the network could look like this Interviewer1    Interviewer2 ....Interviewer n           \                |         ...


The picture in not properly formatted, There should be three edges. One from Interviewer 1 to Should...

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