How can I mount a network drive in Mac OS X in Java?

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How can I mount network drive in Mac OS X on Java?

I am writing a programme on JBuider 2005 on Windows XP platform for Mac OS X. Programme must launch on Mac OS X and programme turnes(directs) to share folders on other computer(Windows XP) in network. It is necessary that then we launch nprogramme on Mac OS X this programme automatically mount these share folders under Mac OS X. Then programme turnes to files on share folder and path in program will be "/Volumes/Share folder/File". How can i make it? Help, if anyone knows how to do it.


Perhaps run a bit of AppleScript which has Finder mount the shared folder. This article describes running...

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Is it possible for Mac OS X to mount an old-style UFS volume on a USB-attached drive?

Specifically speaking about a hard drive attached via USB and not a memory stick or anything like that.


The new OSX Fuse supports it. Follow this instruction: Mount a ufs2 Volume in MacOS/X 10.7 (Lion)

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You will need macfuse and fuse-ext2. Luckily, both are open source and you can get them at: http://code...

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Actually it would have to be more like this: 1. Create the virtual volume on your Mac: "mkdir ...

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Connect Mac OS X (10.4) to a Windows-based network?

How do you authenticate and connect to a Windows-based network using Mac OS X (10.4)? The office I'm working at is 100% windows, and I'd like to occasionally use my Powerbook (running 10.4.2) on the network sometimes. I used to know how to authenticate...


I'm not terribly technical but I also work in an office with all Windows users. I've found it really...

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External USB Hard Drive FAT32 corruption via Mac OS 9!

External USB Hard Drive FAT32 corruption via Mac OS 9! Help me Obi-Wan Kenobe! (More inside) I have an 80gb AcomData HD which has - until now - worked flawlessly. The other night I mounted it on a Mac OS 9 machine to transfer some graphics files, and...


I think your problem may stem from the artificial "limit" WINXP imposes on FAT32 Drive partitions...

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What is the best Java IDE for Mac OS X?

I want to start network programming using Java on my Mac, therefore, I am looking for the best Java IDE for Mac, with code auto completion and other rich features.


Netbeans for MacEclipseIntelliJ IDEA

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Seeking software for searching network drives on Mac OS X

In Mac OS 10.5.4, I have a shared disk (on a Time Capsule) with a lot of files, and I would like to be able to search for files on it quickly. Spotlight will not do the job because it won't index network shares. Can anyone recommend third-party software...


CDFinder is great for this sort of thing. You can update your catalog as needed and can search the drive...

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Help me get a small business network of Macs organized

Some clients of mine have a small consulting business that is rapidly expanding. What started as 1 desktop computer has turned into 4 desktops, 4 laptops (and recently 2 iPhones), and they'll soon be adding some more desktops. They're moving some of...


Mail: You could set up an internal IMAP server that acts as a relay between the mail server outside...

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Anyone managed to get Mac iTunes to use ReadyNAS drive as library?

So with Windows, you simply mount the ReadyNAS as a network drive and point iTunes at it voila! ... your library is stored on there and you can use Squeezebox server to also serve content from the ReadyNAS to serve the same content ... Now switch to...


Have you tried to use iSCSI to get the ReadyNAS share to appear as a drive?

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