How can I rejoin a network on Facebook?

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Once you have left a Facebook network, can you rejoin ...

Once you have left a Facebook network, can you rejoin? So I left my high school network by accident when I was joining my new college network on Facebook.

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Are you out of high school? It probably won't let you if you're over a certain age or something.

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Networks on facebook no longer there?

I logged onto my facebook yesterday and noticed that the network I belonged to is no longer displayed under my profile picture, I am still a member of that network and even tried to unjoin then rejoin, I notice that on a number of my friends accounts...


Ya I noticed that today too. You must have been in a reginal network, because its only my reginal network...

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How to resend confirmation email from joining school network on facebook?

I already change my age so that I could join my highschool network and now that I joined my school network, the network won't appear because it says that it needs to resend confirmation the email. But when I click the resend confirmation it says that...


i do not now why answer mine

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How can I use Facebook Connect data on an ad network?

If I manage an ad network and all of the sites use facebook connect, can I use that data to serve ads?  Because I'm an ad network and the sites within it capture open graph data and give it to me to help target ads more effectively? Facebook's TOS says...


I've worked on a number of these with some big media companies. Basically, the safest way to do it is...

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Wouldn't it be better to have a Ning (or other) social network AND a connected Facebook business page vs. a Facebook page alone?

When a company or public figure builds its social presence on Facebook Pages Facebook owns all the data. When you run a Ning (or other) niche social network and connect it to your Facebook page, you are building your own Online Social Network Graphs...


Unless you have significant traffic running through your Ning social network, I can't really see the...

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How do I change my facebook network?

I have been a part of the Chicago, IL network for a long time (well, over a year) and want to change my network to Milwaukee, WI. However, when I go to the network page, it says Milwaukee, WI is NOT a valid network. Well, I know TONS of people who are...


Step 1 Log in to Facebook with your email address and password. On your first log in, you will land...

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Why doesnt my yahoo or facebook work on our network, they only work when i go on a different network!

So every website works on our network but everytime we try to go on yahoo or facebook it doesnt let us go on those websites we have to change the network all we want is all the websites to work on one network! Anyone know how??


The reason why your Yahoo or Facebook are not working on your network could be due to wrong Internet...

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How do I change my facebook network?

I want to change my facebook network, I know the steps of changing it but when I write the network I want, it tells me to choose a valid network, and I know that the network I want exists because I have friends in this network plzz help....


Facebook ownage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On facebook, is there any difference between being in a network, and not being in one?

i left my high schools network, so now it went to like a default network (Nassau county network) but i want to leave that too. so whats the difference between being in a network and not being in one? does that mean anyone can look at my facebook page...


Being in a Network makes you easier for your real life friends to find and confirm you as a friend on...

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