How can I make a Spinner only by java?

Let’s learn how can I make a Spinner only by java. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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android - How can I make a Spinner only by java? - Stack ...

Spinner spv = new Spinner(context); String[] s = {"Normal","Italic","Bold"}; ArrayAdapter adapte... current community. chat. Stack Overflow Meta ...

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The Spinner of War

How difficult would it be to modify/simplify this Java spinner so I can better model war for my Intro to International Relations class? I've used the NCTM's probability spinner in my Intro to International Relations class the last couple terms, and if...


There's no download link, so I don't think would be any way to get the source and modify it. Your best...

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Why does Java make my variables become static?

I'm supposed to get user input of Integers so I don't want it them to be static but it keeps complaining that I have a static reference. C programs don't do this. I get the same Java Error in at line 21: cannot make static reference to non-static Integer...


Try Integer intResult = new Integer(Integer.parseInt(result)) Or Integer intResult = new Integer(result...

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Wanna make mobile java apps (for Java ME); will this book help?

Hello. Will Core Java (by Horstmann & Gary Cornell) which is written for Java SE help me create java apps for cell phones? Will the same knowledge apply to Java ME? I am a student with experience in the VS programming and wanna start with java.


I don't know about the book but you should go to and read the article they have this morning...

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Does it still make sense to become a Java developer, or should I migrate to PHP or .NET?

Hi guys, I am planning on a career in IT and this is my final year in college. I visited a few companies with a view of becoming an intern, and the companies said I could be trained in either Java/J2EE, PHP, or .NET. I recently heard about the security...


Here is my take on this. 1. Java is the main choice for all emerging platforms/products     Eg. Cloud...

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i know basic c++,c and starting out on java.Please tell me where to go from here,to make quality software of my ideas in java,& for windows

i've always have had an interest in programming. In school from 4th grade, i had learned logo, then basic, then java basics and then c++. now in college, i've done c,c++ and will be doing java[probably sun certf. course in java core] But thats not my...


just visit website you will find all you need

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How do I make java multiple connections?

Ok so basically I've wrote easy java code that communicates with my flash game (actionscript 2) With flash, I got no problems, but with java, I have no idea how can I convert my java socket server code to threaded one.. Help? Code: import*;...


You probably need to read up on Java threading, but the easiest way is to put your socket code into...

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How to make things happen on a frame in java?

ok so i am very new to java, and know almost nothing about GUI or making windows and all that. what i have now is a frame, and what i want to tdo is to make it so i can enter in a password or something once the window opens up, and have commands be executed...


go to youtube, and search for: thenewboston java Bucky is pretty good at providing the information that...

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Make a program in java which can tell prime number,even odd and minimum and maximum value in an array in java?

Can some one please help me how to make a program in java which can tell prime number,even odd and minimum and maximum value in an array in java please help me with the algorithm.


I'm a bit confused. Are you wanting to pick a random index and see if that number is even/odd/prime...

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In Android programming, how do I make a spinner change activities?

I am fairly new to programming for the Android and am attempting to make a program that will run a series of math applications. Each application requires its own layout and, thus, its own activity. However, I have run into trouble when trying to switch...


Hmm, I guess you can try to go about it that way, but probably a better idea would be to use a view...

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