How can i access the number of questions asked on stackoverflow?

Let’s learn how can i access the number of questions asked on stackoverflow. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Meta Stack Overflow.

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How can I access the number of questions asked on stackoverflow?

Is there a Stackoverflow web service available to grab the amount of question asked? I dont want to srape the page as this probably is forbidden. I want to write a program to simple monitor the count so i can be the 3 millionth question! What an honor that would be :)


Yes, there is. See the Stack Exchange API.

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Is iyogi a scam? can they still have access to my laptop? can hack if they have my wireless network&password?

My laptop had a problem connecting to the wireless network. So I called Netgear and they sent me to iyogi. She asked me all these questions like my e-mail address, name, zip code, phone number, and internet provider. She then asked if my home phone was...


Its not a scam ,What iYogi does is provide technical support services for people who have problems with...

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My daughter gave out her cell phone number to a stranger she met in a chat room. And talked to “her.”

How can I logically – and without turning into a shrill, emotive, drama queen or a growling mother bear – educate my daughter to the danger she put herself in by giving out her cell phone number to someone she met...


Instead of keeping your daughter from talking to "strangers" online (a task that is surely...

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Cold call from "Microsoft" scam questions?

I was called today on my home number by a woman saying she was from microsoft (from India, sounded like a call centre in the background) wanting me to turn on my computer as it has several viruses. I did this and she then proceeded to take me to my start...


> My question is could she have gotten into my computer already even without me holding the start...

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I've been burglarized, and I have a lot of questions!

I live on the first floor in an apartment building in a very heavily trafficked and busy urban neighborhood. It's not a terribly dangerous place, but it definitely has its illicit activity going on - it's a college town. You don't see a lot of bars on...


I had my house broken into, similar situation. Almost 2 years ago to the day, in fact. It's an awful...

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Can I access Quora and remove questions?

A large number of questions are marginalizing. What types of people do y? Does genetics explain why x people are stupid? Is it racist to say z? One question had tons of answers from angry women. It was worded in an insulting way. I asked a Quora admin...


You can't remove questions that others have asked. But you can edit them if you think you can improve...

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mother has cancer and I have so many questions

My Mother is likely going to receive a Metastatic Lung Cancer diagnosis on Monday. Due to her health, she probably won't be able to receive treatment. Questions about seeing an oncologist, palliative care, hospice, and my options. I'm sorry, this is...


I would press on getting an oncologist to come in, or getting her test results sent to one, or talking...

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Accounting Information Science AIS questions needed to be answered?

if anyone can answer these ASAP is part of my homework Question 1 Question 1 text What is the first step in creating a report? Answer Question 1 answers A. Determining what information to display B. Analyzing the available information C. Analyzing the...


hey you should check out they sell test banks and solution manuals with answers to...

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When a minor sets up a email account is it necessary to set up a family account and give a credit card number?

My daughter set who is a minor set up a email account with yahoo. This process required my who was a guardian to set up a family account which would allow me access to my daughters email account. As part of the questions that I was asked to do this was...


I have never given yahoo a credit card.

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I have a few questions for the right people who can help me?

Long story short since 2007 all my mail has been destroyed/hidden/kept from me. Everything. Why this is important is because I am now finding out that i am close to $70k in debt with student loans. See at first it just didnt add up i went to a private...


I know that there are situations that can be eerily like this. Usually gay people feel that if they...

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