How can I access file in localhost?

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.htaccess Why access to a file is forbidden on localhost?

I want to allow access to a file (secret.txt) only from my ip. Below is the .htaccess I'm using. It works great at my provider's server. However, at my localhost this .htaccess does not allow me to access the file. <Files "secret.txt"> order deny,allow deny from all allow from </Files> Where my external ip is "" I use Apache server locally. How can I make things work at localhost also?


What Address are you using to access your local Apache server? If you're addressing it as localhost...

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When my jsp files are inside WEB-INF folder (as /WEB-INF/file.jsp) , I can access them from localhost: 8080/ProjectCtxtRoot/, but I can't access them, if they are placed in /WEB-INF/jsp/file.jsp?

I changed the path in welcome-list tag in web.xml as follows <welcome-file-list> <welcome-file>/JSP/fileName.jsp</welcome-file> </welcome-file-list> I also changed the dispatcher-servlet.xml as follows <bean id=...


1. JSPs placed under WEB-INF cannot be accessed directly via HTTP. Read this answer on Stack Overflow...

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Localhost/phpmyadmin problem?

So I can load without any problem the wamp home page. but when it comes to load localhost/phpmyadmin I get the error 403 message Forbidden You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin on this server. And another think I don't have installed a phpEd...


Vans....dear,no have idea,

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Localhost :port in visual studio .net 2008?

i am using visual studio .net 2008. i have home.aspx, contactus.aspx, and aboutus.aspx, when i open these files in visual studio .net , then file > view in broswer, i got the following: http://localhost:4989/home.aspx, if i want to change the port...


Install ISS and develop under your c:\wwwroot. IIS is can be added under Add Remove programs / windows...

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Can I use .swf instead of .jpg in Acess DB file for a ASP website?

Hi, I'll try my best to simplify my question. I have a local(localhost) site setup on Dreamweaver 8 and I am working on this website where I have a list of items, in this case CDs (cdlist.asp) and when I click on an item it takes me to a detailed page...


Yes you can use instead of "cv1.jpg" or "cv2.jpg" anything you want .swf but, be...

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Backup/File Access Filter

I am looking for a secure backup/file access solution that allows me to mount the space as a drive as well as access the data through a web interface. I have tried many solutions but each one is missing a critical piece of the puzzle. My goals are as...


How about StrongSpace?

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How can I regain use of 32-Bit File/Disk access in Windows For Workgroups 3.11?

I've been using a computer for DOS gaming for over 4 years, and since then, i've been switching cases to get that classic DOS feel to the appropriate OS. I've been using the same copy of Windows 3.11/DOS on the computer for over 4 years. i recently put...


The machine can not handle it.

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In dire need of help: I cannot access any of my file folders...?

(Note: I am a complete newbie when it comes to these matters, I apologize in advance if this has been addressed before, but I am very desperate for some answers, as I have yet to find any help elsewhere) My flash drive (iPod) was recently infected by...


1. Temporarily Disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP). [how to] 2. Update the virus definitions. 3....

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Windows XP crashes during file access, can I fix it?

Windows XP crashes whenever it accesses a specific file. The problem: I don't know what file it is. What would cause such a serious error and how do I fix it? I know it's a file located under D:\mp3s\ . I first had the problem when backing up the directory...


go to a command prompt (start->run... "cmd.exe") and try this: copy /s /y * d:\mp3s c:...

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I'm doing project in java.i want to access the value of textbox in one java file to another java file?

i'm using java for doing text summaring system. I want to get the file by giving the file name in text box and and it should give the content of the whole file in another text box and also file name given in the text box should be passed to another java...


it is not a tough task i think you use applet program for u'r text box. see java tutorials

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