How do I connect my DVD player with my Digital Cable DVR?

Let’s learn how do I connect my DVD player with my Digital Cable DVR. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Both my cable TV DVR and DVD Player have component cables, how do I connect them both to my HD TV?

Both my cable TV DVR and my DVD Player have component cable outputs. I want to connect them to my HD-TV but there is only 1 set of imputs on my TV. I can't connect them both, but I want to. Do I need some type of special box or a splitter or something so I can get them both connected to the TV? I tried routing one through the other (DVR to DVD player and vice versa) but it's impossible. Please help!


Best way is to purchase an av receiver that has video switching. They will have multiple component inputs...

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How do I connect a Roku LT device to an analog TV connected to a cable box/DVR through a DVD player?

Cable RF is connected to cable box/DVR, out to DVD player. From DVD player, cable RF is connected to TV VHF/UHF input. From DVD player, yellow/white/red video/audio cable is connected to TV video/audio input Note: DVD player is connected to the only...


why do you have your DVD player connected to your TV by two different sets of cables? RF (Coax) &...

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Just hook it straight to your TV, or receiver if you have one. It doesn't need to go to your DVR.

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Why is my DVD player picture all blue tones?

I have a Mitsubishi HD-TV which has 2 sets of Input connections for the red-white-yellow cables and 2 sets of Component connections for the red-green-blue cables. I have a Direct-TV DVR hooked up to Input-1 with one set of the red-white-yellow cables...


Sounds like your dvd composite output jacks are wonky. Sorry bud. I got a little lost in all of the...

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Hooking up DVR to cable box?

I have a cable box and home theater dvd player. How do I connect my DVR so all will play and can record tv shows. Also how do you program dvr w/ the cable box connected?


You haven't given us enough information. Please specify the makes and models of your equipment.

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Connecting Home theater and dvd player....?

I just bought a Yamaha home theater system and a sony dvd player and i am trying to connect this to my LCD tv the best possible is connected but it is not sounding like it should in different modes.....i am trying to get quality sound when...


The most common way to do this is: 1: Connect the DVD player to the TV using HDMI. 2: Connect the DVD...

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Good way to connect Digital Cable Box, DVD Player/Recorder and TV?

I have it currently set up like this: Cable from wall goes into a splitter. Coax from splitter goes to digital cable box (Cablevision). Coax from splitter goes into DVD Player/Recorder. RCA from DVD goes into TV (video in). Coax from cable goes into...


Using the splitter is not a concern unless you have so many splitters in the path that your signal-to...

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How do I hook up a vcr/dvd combo player to my cable box so I can record things from my dvr player?

I have Knology cable and that cable box has a dvr. I have a Magnavox vcr/dvd combo, my tv is an older model Magnavox that only has the one cable thing in the back. I also have a RF Modulator if need be. I would like to hook up my vcr/dvd player so that...


This will be easy, being I have the same exact DVR/Set-Top Box So I am guessing you have your Cable...

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How Do I hook up my DVD Player when I have a Digital DVR Cable Box?

I have a DVD player and Digital DVR Cable Box. The Digital DVR Cable Box is all set up. I need to know how I should set up my DVD player? Through the same TV that my Digital DVR CAble more


get a a/v switcher, plug both devices in, and flick the switch. they also make ones with 3 and 4 inputs...

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How do I connect a DVD player and cable to an older TV?

I have an older TV, it works great and it only has one port, cable in port. I want to connect a DVD, or my PS2 to this TV in my spare room. How do I connect a DVD player to an older TV? I have cable hooked to the TV, I do not want to purchase another...


What you are looking for is called an RF Modulator and can be purchased at your local Radio Shack. http...

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