How do I connect my DVD recorder to Direct TV?

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How do I connect both a freeview digital recorder and a dvd player to the tv?

I connected the freeview recorder by scart, and mains aerial into the reorcer, and aerial out into back of the tv. But when connecting the dvd player by means of a second scart, I cant get a picture when flicking onto to scart 2 on the tv. How do I connect to the coax aerial (when there is only one coax socket in the back of the tv)?


Well, if you connected the Freeview recorder by the SCART cable, and you can see a picture from it,...

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How can i connect my sony dvd recorder to my direct tv satellite reciever?

i wanna hook it up on my direct tv reciever so i can record what's on tv. i wanna know how..please help.


First, this only works if the program is not copy protected! If the satellite receiver has a S-video...

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How do I connect TV - scart box-digibox- dvd recorder?

I have a very old TV with one scart port. i have a freeview box with one scart I have a dvd recorder with one scart I have a scart box which allows me to plug in scart from TV and then has 3 scart ports to allow me to switch between them I put the scart...


With that set-up, you can't record from your digibox. The switch connects either box to the TV but it...

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How do I connect a tv/dvd to a dvd recorder and a dvr?

I have a tv/dvd combo and a dvr recorder. I just got a dvd recorder so i can record the tv shows I have recorded on the dvr. I hookup the recorder to the tv/dvd, and its not working. I'm guess that i need another set of rca cord hookups. but do i need...


You need to connect the video/audio OUT from the TV/DVD to the video/audio IN on your DVD recorder....

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How do i connect my tv to my Gdvd301R dvd recorder and my freeview box?

i need it done so that i can record from the normal tv channels via the dvd recorder channels and so i can record the freeview channels through the "scart source" channel on the dvd recorder. i have one scart on my tv, 2 on my dvd recorder...


it's usually self explanatory - your cable (tv signal source) should be connected to your dvd recorder...

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How do I connect a HDMI cable box to a HDMI TV and to a DVD recorder?

I would think the best way to connect everythign in HD would be to run HDMI from the cable box to a DVD recorder then HDMI on to the HD TV then run the optical digital audio from the TV to a surround sound. Then whatever is on the TV can be instantly...


Dvd recorders do not have HDMI imputs because that denotes HD signals and there are no HD DVD Recorders...

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how do i connect my pc to my dvd recorder which is connected to my tv

I've got alot of xvid divx mp4 files on my pc that i'd like to watch on my tv and record them on dvd using my dvd recorder that is connected to my tv. decoding, encoding and burning takes too much time so if i can connect the pc to my tv via the dvd...


You could use VSO's ConvertXToDVD to convert video files to a DVD viewable on a DVD recorder/player.

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How do I connect a TV to DVD recorder to NTL Samsung cable box to a/v receiver?

TV has 2 scart,rca,digital optical and component connectors, NTL box has 2 scart,recorder same as TV,a/v has most connectors except scart. I want to use the 5.1 sound system for tv,cable box and recorder whilst being able to record tv and cable tv.Both...


Check out the web-links below.

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How do I connect my TV, DVD recorder, and Cable Box together?

I have a Sharp Aquos with HD cablevision. I just brought a DVD recorder and I can't figure out how to connect it to my TV to work properly! I think I may have brought a DVD recorder that isn't compatible with my TV. When I got it working


The first and most basic connection you want to have if possible is to have coaxial going all the way...

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How do I best connect old CRT TV (compositve leads) to receiver, DVD HDD recorder & Foxtel.?

Anything I do creates problems. I currently record foxtel and TV programs through the TVs AV1 and watch Fotel without needing a DVD recorder on the TVs AV3. But if I tape a tv program on AV1 and then switch to AV3 I get picture from foxtel or other TV...


First, connect your OPTICAL OUTPUT from your Cable box directly into the OPTICAL INPUT on your reciever...

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