How do I convert AVI video clips to functional dvd's?

Let’s learn how do I convert AVI video clips to functional dvd's. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I convert AVI video clips to functional DVD's?

I just got a dvd rw, and they gave me the program Nero. But I cant seem to be able to burn the avi's on the disk so that my dvd player can recognize it. I can only drag the AVI onto the disk, and my home dvd player cant play that. Nero is really frustrating, and I haven't been able to figure out how to do it with the program. Please help.


Try this it works wonders for me and it's totally free:

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Convert AVI clips to FLV and then merged them into one file but failed?

I want to merge several video clips into one video file, all these video clips is in AVI format but i dont have other professional video merge software except a FLV merge software more


Looks like those videos are of different resolution, bitrate, fps etc. You may want to convert all of...

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How to convert .avi format video?

I have some video clips on my computer that are .avi format. I want to convert them to a dvd format so I can watch them on a normal dvd player. I was wondering if there was a good more


>>>>>>> ★ There is a integrated powerful video converter of the cool app...

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What software to copy camcorder DVDs to my computer, edit them, and write them to a new DVD?

I have several mini (8cm) DVDs which have been recorded on by a DVD camcorder - what software should I use to copy the videos onto my computer, edit them, and write them back to a different DVD? A few notes to bear in mind: - the DVDs are formatted in...

Answer: try one of them =) they have lots of trial things you can use for that. as for...

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How can I convert HD .mov video clips to standard .avi?

I just bought a Canon t2i (550d in Europe) and the files are to heavy to play (let alone edit) on my computer. The videos I shot are for the internet so they don't really need to be super HD. I would like to keep the same frame rate (either 24 or 60...


you can try Aiprosoft Total Video Converter Aiprosoft Total Video Converter is the Best total video...

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What is a good video converter that will convert an MTS file to AVI or WMV?

I've tried downloading a lot of the trial programs (Aimersoft, Xilisoft HD Video Converter, Emicsoft) and they all cut my clips in half because they're under five minutes. If I buy the full version will the program still do this? Which program would...


Try Prism video converter. It's great and it's free.

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How do you convert a .VOB file to an .avi or another video format?

Also, how do you save video clips from a DVD as separate files so they can be uploaded individually?


There are many DVD Ripper software on Internet which could help you convert DVD. Just search it on http...

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Need program to burn huge video files onto viewable DVD with menus?

Hey everyone, I am new to video editing. My company runs biotechnology workshops that run 5 days long and we record each day and I have somehow been assigned to creating the DVDs for each participant. So I have about 10-15 clips total that totals to...


Standard DVD players read the .Vob format, the files you have now are in AVI format.. I would recommend...

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What free programs can i use to convert dvds for my archos 605. either AVI or MP4 and must be free?

i have a 160GB so size doesnt really matter on the video. but must be descent quality and good sound. again must be free programs and explain to me on how to use it because i am not very computer savy lol


Here are some suggestions for you: Use the two free programs: DVD Decrypter http://www.dvddecrypter...

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Converting VHS to digital and then editing it

When converting my childhood VHS tapes to digital, what format should I be using? How can I trim the length of (avi,mpg,mov,etc) video files without losing quality? And do you have any recommendations for local video store vs vs digmypics...


Try contacting this He does a lot of different format transfers and he can...

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