How do I convert digital video to VHS?

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Where can I go to convert my VHS tapes to video file?

I don't have anything to convert a VHS tape to dvd or video file and I was wondering if theres a place to go to convert? I have 2 VHS tapes of me when I was a baby and I want to convert them to video file to put on my computer


Yes, there is a simple way to transfer or burn VHS to DVD with Capture Card and DVD Creator. Just follow...

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How or who can I convert vhs tape, video from digital camera, pictures from myspace & camera & convert to DVd?

I was told by Bartells Drug store that I could send My pics from Pc via email to bartells, bring in my vhs tape, & chip from my camera that recorded a short video with sound, & they could send it out & convert it into a DVD or consolidate...


You may use the best software I have seen AVS Video Tools. It can convert to/from all key format, upload...

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How can I convert this digital video cassette to either VHS or DVD?

I have a Panasonic 3CCD mini dv camcorder and I need to make a movie for my history class. The problem is, i have no idea how to convert the little tape into a usable video that I can hand in. The camera came with all these wires but none of them fit...


Hello, you just need to use some dvd burner software help to burn you digital video shows to DVDs. there...

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How do you convert a video recorded on a Sony Cybershot digital camera to a VHS?

I have my VCR pluged in to the outlet (but not into the TV), and the camera plugged into the computer and the VCR. Someone please help me!! The screen on my camera is blank, so I figured once it was powered on, I could simply pull up the video on the...


Okay, first, your video out should go from camera to VCR input, then VCR output should go to the TV...

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How to convert VHS-C to a modern video format?

I found a lot of old VHS-C tapes from when I was much younger and they're very important to me. I want to convert them to a digital format like mp4 or avi. Maybe even make them more


Yes. You'll need to buy a video capture card or device like this (I haven't used this one myself): http...

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How do i convert from my vhs video recorder to my pc?

I need to convert from my video vhs recorder to my pc, the recorder has a scart socket and a rf out and audio out, can anybody please help.


There are various ways to convert vhs tapes to DVD or other digital file on your computer. See the source...

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How do i convert a VHS video to DVD or my computer. I dont want to buy any machines or any programs?

but i will download programs. I have a comp. (obviously) i have a dvd/vhs player, and i have an old tv that plays vhs too...please help me..i dont kno what to do thanks :))


well your'e going to at least need a video capture card which sells for about $30-$ connect...

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How do u convert a video tape (VHS) into a dvd?

i want to convert an alice in wonderland movie (video tape) into a dvd, is there anyway i can do that?


Do you mean you want to transfer vhs tapes video to dvd? if yes, i think you should transfer the videos...

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How do you use a USB video capture device to convert VHS to dvd?

What do I need besides the capture device and how do you do it?


Sure. Feed the output of a VCR into the video capture device, which is plugged into a USB port. Then...

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HOW TO CONVERT VHS-C TO DVD. im trying to take home made videos off of my video camera and put on u tube.HELP!?

im trying to take home made videos (a panasonic palmcorder or digatal image stablization) im not sure. i have a tool on my computer to edit videos i just need to know how to put them more


Send your VHS-C tapes to StashSpace.Com and they will digitize them for just $7 tape. Then you can use...

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