How do I convert a bitmap to vector?

Let’s learn how do I convert a bitmap to vector. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Super User.

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How to convert poor quality bitmap image to vector?

I'm designing a website for a group which has lost the original digital image for their logo. The only file they have of it is a jpg which was embedded into a word document. The image has everything possible wrong with it: Anti-aliased onto a white background where it should be transparent Image artefacts Resized downwards poorly. Lines that should be straight and solid aren't. I've currently used the wand tool to get rid of the white background, and stuck it on the website, but it's poor quality...


I think there's also an open source solution for this, besides Adobe software: Inkscape I've had the...

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Can u please tell me how to convert bitmap images to vector images for better resizing ?

or if there is any way of resizing a bitmap image without changing its quality?i want to reduce it to a amaller size and its really lookin bad , please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


try the program Irfanview. It used to be free at Haven't been there for awhile. There...

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You can't, Photoshop is not a vector based program. You can however take the image into Illustrator...

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Open the photograph in illustrator, select the bitmap then go OBJECTS>LIVE TRACE>MAKE i find it...

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Create a new vector fileUsing Adobe Illustrator, create a new document.Place the bitmapClick on the...

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How to use the convert bitmap (raster) to vector art in Corel Draw/Paint 9?

I thought it'd be easy because I know pshop and illustrator and flash quite well.


in corel draw you should be able to trace and convert, powerTrace,

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Yes.  Phoenix Alignment Guides allows you to convert guides to lines. Project Phoenix

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Maintaining Transparency of a Graphic file after converting to Vector

Using Adobe PhotoShop, Streamline and Illustrator, I am converting and reading graphic files to make-ready to send to a commercial printer. I need some to be transparent and I have done so in PS, but after I convert to vector art in Streamline, the internal...


Hello Dbky1, From what I can find, it appears that Streamline does not work in the way you think it...

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How does multiplying a 4-vector with the Minkowski metric in special relativity convert it from contravariant vector to a covariant vector?

A contravariant vector is something whose components are defined to change according to [math]\bar{A}^\alpha=\frac{\partial\bar{x}^\alpha}{\partial {x^j}}A^j[/math] upon change of coordinate system while those of a covariant vector transforms according...


The special role played by the metric here is that it provides an identification of a vector space ...

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How do I convert a 24-bit bitmap image to an 8-bit-bitmap?

I have heard that you can do it on adobe photoshop, but I don't have that , so that won't work XD How else can I convert the image? :S thanks in advance :)


what programs do you have installed? MS paint? Windows picture viewer, MS office picture manager?

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