How do I delete a connection request I had sent?

Let’s learn how do I delete a connection request I had sent. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I delete connection request sent?

sent out way too many connection requests, now I won't to delete them. Keep getting error message


if it is in yahoo then u mast select to delete but if problem persist then it means u hav to block the...

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I sent a request to add a contact to my messinger list. Can i delete it before he reads it?

I sent a request to add a person to my list today. He hasn't read the request yet. If i change my mind & delete him from my list (which I did), will he still get the request? How can i delete the REQUEST so he doesnt receive it?



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I cant find how 2 delete sent friends request on the new myspace bate home page.. how do you delete them. HELP?

i am having problem with the new myspace home page update. its the beta home page. i added some people on my myspace and i cant go back and see if they denied me or if i can delete them. i want to delete 2 of them but i cant. i go to find stuff at the...


hey im more confused then you are i cant even change my tops i can only delete :[

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How to delete sent friend request?

Need to know how to delete friend requests that I sent


This guide will show you how to cancel a sent friend request on Facebook: http://romcartridge.blogspot...

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How Do You Resend or Delete A Friend Request You Sent on Facebook?

I've tried looking for answers but most of them are old and aren't updated for the newer facebook.I already know about the Friend Request Pending but it doesn't show up more


Everyoned I know is on Facebook. If that many people use it, sounds like a great place to make money...

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Why is CORS preflighted request missing origin attribute on Chrome and IIS 7.5?

First OPTIONS request is contain origin attribute, but second real request is not contain origin attribute. For example: Client request OPTIONS http://localhost:8091/role HTTP/1.1 Host: localhost:8091 Connection: keep-alive Referer:


It happens when the resource is accessed from localhost , which does not provide origin parameter.Even...

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If I send a message with a friend request, but delete the friend request, will that also delete the message?

Or will they still be able to see the message that was sent with the friend request???? This is all Facebook, in case you didn't know.



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Why do girls send me a friend request then delete me?

I don’t understand why this one girl who is friend’s with my friend sent me a friends request on Facebook and then just deleted me and then she added me back and I confirmed her and I tried messaging her and she wouldn’t respond then deleted me again...


She is messing with you ignore her. Maybe her friends keep sending it to you and she keeps deleting...

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My friend sent me a meeting request in iCalendar format from MS Outlook 2007 but the request never arrived.?

We tested the mail functions to ensure that there was no obvious connection problem. Both notes he sent me arrived at my Yahoo! mail account. We resent the meeting request but still without success.


I have used the forms listed below and was very pleased with the quick response and helpful information...

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Why did my ex delete all my wall posts and comments off his Facebook?

My ex-boyfriend and I have been broken up from a short-term relationship for like 4+ months. We were friends with benefits for 2 months. I tried ending it a few times and then kept on changing my mind about it back and forth. The last time, I ended friends...


trying to erase everything . my ex did tht! he doesnt want no memories of you but they will remain there...

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