How do I delete a comment that I made on a video in YouTube?

Let’s learn how do I delete a comment that I made on a video in YouTube. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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Mouse over the comment, a row of buttons appears on the right side of the comment.Click the trash can...

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YouTube help...Can you delete a comment you made on someone else's channel (not their video)?

I left a comment on someone's channel which I would like to delete. Can I do that? It is not on their video, but rather on the person's channel.Thank you.


I'm sorry but, I don't think so. You can't do that...

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well I made a huge mistake and accidentally commented on a justin bieber youtube video saying i didn't like it, now his fans are chewing me out and its weird cuz im in high school and a bunch of twelve year old fans are cussing at me. How do I delete...


I made that same mistake.. lol. Next you your comment it should say "remove" when you hover...

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Is it impossible to delete my own comment on a YouTube video?

I once commented on a YouTube video which was uploaded by someone else (not me). Now for some reason I want to delete that comment but I couldn't find the delete option anywhere. more


You can delete your own comments, just go look at your comment and to the right, theres an arrow. Then...

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Can I delete a video comment from youtube or was that option also removed???

I commented on a video, and now I want to delete that comment, wihci I honestly don´t want it there!


you can always message the user and tell him/her to remove it for you

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How can i delete a comment made in youtube channel?

I wrote on somebodys youtube channel but i want to delete that comment how can I?


things written on the internet are written in stone if there is no delete link.

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Why would someone leave a nasty comment on my youtube video i made for my friends?

I made a video for my friends and i noticed it was getting a oddly high number of views we VLOG to one another because i moved across the country and someon eleft a very rude comment more


Simple, because people suck! Has'nt anyone else thought of this yet? Or am i the only one who laughs...

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How do I delete a comment I made on someone elses channel on youtube?

I left a comment on someones profile / channel that I want to delete. It seems impossible.


you cant unfortunately they have to do it maybe send them a message asking to delete it pleeeease check...

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Is it possible to delete a comment posted on my youtube video?

someone recommended some other irrelevant youtube video which is actually ugly



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How can I delete my comment on a certain video on Youtube?

I commented on a video like 4 years ago? I saw what I commented just now, and I'm quite depressed with what my past self said. (Face Palm. Embarrassing...) Can someone help me more


Ohoooooo u cannot from 4 years also use ur brian on ur right side to remeber otherwise ignore it and...

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