How do I delete an MSN account?

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A MSN account deleting ways Manage your account go to view and edit your personal information, then...

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How do i delete my MSN account?

how do i delete my msn account , including email .? thanks not how do i delete msn off my computer .. but i want to delete my account so i am not able to sign on it anymore? more


To close your Windows Live account: 1. Go to the Account Summary page. 2. On the navigation bar, click...

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How do you delete your MSN messenger account but not your hotmail account???

please help me cause i dont like MSN messenger(chatting) and i want to delete it. My hotmail account is important to me(which i wanna keep) but i just wanna delete the messenger but more


I don't think you can do that since these 2 accounts are tied together

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How to (permanently) delete my msn messenger account?

I don't know how to delete my very old messenger account on the new layout. Also, if i delete my messenger account, do I still keep my hotmail account, because I still need that.


Nope, you can't keep your Hotmail and get rid of messenger. Just don't log into messenger if it bothers...

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How can i delete my msn space account?

hey I have a msn space on my hotmail/msn account with my photos, a short blog etc. i put them up a few years ago and i want to delete the whole thing. I cant figure out a way of how more


same as what baba said [= x

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How to delete my MSN account?

I want to delete my msn account because I've got a virus on it. The problem is that I've only found out how to delete the Windows Live ID, and if I do that, i don't know more


go on your msn e-mails then press change password typein a load of random letters and then press ok...

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How do I delete my msn account?? ?

I was just wondering how I can delete my msn account without deleting my hotmail account. Is there anyway that you can do this? Where would I go?


click here and sign in. This is another way to delete your...

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How to delete an msn account?

i got an msn account and i want to delete it. but don't know how. i don't want the account anymore


hi ►in your windows live hotmail options more options ►manage your account view and edit...

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How do i delete my old msn account?

I have made a new msn addy (account) and i am not sure how to delete my old account any ideas ;)


sorry but i don't think you can if some one tells you different sorry i am wrong..

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How to delete msn account?

I tried last night by going to settings...account...then close account. It has stopped me from going onto my emails but i can still sign into msn. Did i delete it the right way or is more


Go onto the msn account when you are logged in you then click on options, go down to more options, Then...

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