How do I delete web history?

Let’s learn how do I delete web history. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Impatience will do that to a person. Start button, control panel, internet options, under browsing history...

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How do I delete web site history from web search block?

For example when i go to web search hit "a" every site that I have preveiwed starting with "a" shows up. How can I get rid of my web site history, so that every one who uses my computer don't have to know what web sites I visit? Thanks...


**Removal of items on your search bar** On the right side of the bar before you get to the web search...

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How to delete web history on browser?

Ok So I use Mozilla Firefox and I know how to delete my history but I googled porn, yes I know.. anyways even when I delete my history if I go up to my browser bar and type google it shows everything that i've googled, doesn't make sense to me since...


Delete Browser History 1. Click Start on the desktop. 2. Go to Settings. 3. Click Control Panel. 4....

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How do i clear search history from yahoo web search bar, right click says delete but does not ?

im trying to clear search history from web search bar, i right click and option is to select all or delete. when click delete it does not delet. i dont see any icons pertaning to help or clearing search history.


Some of this stuff you will have to do regularly but This is what I do..If you have Internet Explorer...

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How Can I Delete Only One Address From My Web History?

parents freaking about The guy im dating & when i visit his myspace it pops up in The web history when you type in myspace, is there anyway for me only to delete that one web address & not clear the whole history cause they notice when i do that...


It's coming up on 'search suggest". You can go to the browser URL and click on the down arrow ...

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How do you delete just one web address in the browser history?

I know how to go to history and delete the visted sites, but i want to know if there is a way to delete indivual sites from the browser history. ( you know when you start typing more


click on the icon history and then a little screen in your main screen on the left will appear... you...

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How do I delete a history of web site which I dont want let anybody know in my PC?

I want to know that how can I delete a history of web site which I do not want let anybody know which web site I have visited earlier.


Clear from HISTORY: IE6: Tools > Internet Options > Clear History Clear from SEARCH: IE6: Tools...

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How to delete web history?

How do i erase your web history completely. Bacause i use the internet tool option to clear web history but its still comes back. Please help


Oh, someone's paranoid. Your only other option is to format your computer.

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History in web search is not deleteing how odes it delete and not keep history?

its not my computer history its the yahoo that says web search enging list in alphebetical historys how do i delte and keep deleted


You can delete the history of search bar on ur homepage (whatever it is either Yahoo! or Google) by...

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How I will delete history from my yahoo web search?

I want to delete history so when I click on the Web Search blank space no web pages visited appear.

Answer:… How do I delete the drop-down list of my past searches...

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