How do I enlarge the print on my web pages?

Let’s learn how do I enlarge the print on my web pages. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Enlarge Text Appearance on Websites That Use Small Text

This article outlines how to enlarge or reduce text in web ... How Do I Enlarge Text Appearance on Websites That ... I am not referring to the dreaded "fine print ...

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Is there some way to enlarge the web pages to fit my screen (4 the print)?

There is 3" to 4" spaces on both sides of the web page so there is plenty of room to enlarge the page. Right now they are practically the size needed for an I-phone and my screen is a bit bigger than that. I'm getting headaches from all the...


Click view at the top of the browser screen and set the text size to the largest possible which would...

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HP printer won't print anything but emails and web pages...Word pages won't print?

My friend has a PC. The printer is an HP. She can only get web pages and emails to print - when she tries to print Word documents, the pages spit out blank. What is up? Please give very detailed directions for fixing this - we are not computer "...


1. What is the model of your printer? HP is the brand, need the model also. 2. Has anything changed...

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Changing screen withd Press control key on your keyboard and scroll the mouse button upwards and downwards...

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Why do so few web pages print properly, and why do so many web pages print poorly and cut off text?

Do web developers assume that this will be an obsolete user need soon?  Or is it lazy development?


Every time I evaluate a website for someone, I recommend a print CSS, because many site visitors (potential...

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I cant get my printer to print emails or anything from web pages. Help please!!?

I am trying to print from webpages and print out my emails but, my printer wont print it. If i have files saved like pictures and word documents they print just fine. Can anyone help me figure out why i cant print emails or anything from webpages?


More details would be useful, like how it's setup to work with your computer, wired, network or wireless...

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How to only print certain pages from web pages?

When printing information from the web, I usually end up with about 30 pages of stuff I did not want, the two in the middle would have been sufficient! I have tried using "current page" on the printer also "selection" which I believe...


Open up the what you want to print Left click and highlight either part or the whole area you want printed...

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Why won't HP Photosmart All-in-One Printer print web pages?

I have a Mac OSX (10.3.9), and my HP C6280 will not print web pages nor e-mail pages. It will print just Word or Text Edit documents. I have uninstalled the software, reinstalled the software. And, asked HP for help.


click start...control panel.........Internet Options........Advanced tab......scroll down to printing...

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My printers will not print web pages in windows 7?

My printers are installed yet I cannot print a web page. I can print from email and word and even notepad, but I cannot print a web page. Help


Make sure your browser is pointed at a legitimate printer. In the Print dialog box (CTRL/P), check the...

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Printer hp deskjet 3650 will print Word documents but not web pages from the Internet.?

After running CD to install Printer hp deskjet 3650, I can print Word document but am unable to print web pages from the Internet. System is Windows XP Home.


i think, the problem is not in ur printer... if u cant print frm webpage, it means there is a change...

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