How do I enlarge the print when I print my emails?

Let’s learn how do I enlarge the print when I print my emails. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I enlarge the print on my emails. This was made smaller for some reason but not by me!!!?

I have had all these proiblems since I attempted to use Outlook Express as my email provider Why!!!


Click on "View" at the top and select the desired text size. You could also copy and paste...

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How to enlarge the print on emails?

Whenever I print an email the print is so small I have to use a m,agnifying glass to read it. How do I enlarge the print?


check your internet browsers settings, view --> text size -->enlarge text it depends on if u have...

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Hold down the CRTL button....lower left...and rotate the wheel on your mouse...good luck

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Yuo can enlarge the display print on your screen in the "display" area within the "Control...

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All emails I print off from my yahoo email account print in very small print. How do I correct this problem?

I have tried changing the print size on my computer, but it does not enlarge the print size that my emails print.


Try this next time or now for a trial.Before you print hold down the ctrl key move mouse wheel to resize...

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I want to copy my emails to one another file for taking a print. How to do it.?

I have got lot of received and sent emails in my mail account of yahoo. I want to identify certain emails which are important for me and want to have a hard copy of them. For this purpose I want to copy emails in one word file or any other file so that...



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I cant get my printer to print emails or anything from web pages. Help please!!?

I am trying to print from webpages and print out my emails but, my printer wont print it. If i have files saved like pictures and word documents they print just fine. Can anyone help me figure out why i cant print emails or anything from webpages?


More details would be useful, like how it's setup to work with your computer, wired, network or wireless...

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When you get pictures in emails how do you print them?

So for those of you who basically do everything for email When someone emails you a picture how do you print it?? Do you save it on a memory card or something or print it on special picture paper. Most of my family who has babies and send us pictures...


Usually, on the top of your computer screen, there says "File Edit View..." and so forth.Click...

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When I print a docuement on my printer the copy comes out with tiny letters. How do I enlarge the print?

Every once in awhile the print comes out a larger size when I print out a paper from my computer , but most of the time the print is very tiny--much tinier than the print size showing more


Sounds like you haven't installed the printer software. If you haven't, unplug it and install the software...

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New sponsored emails in inbox, spam and attached to my emails, I cannot print email since these appeared. Any help?

These new sponsored emails are attaching to my emails. I can't get rid of them, but they seem to be interfering with my ability to print emails. Anybody know how to fix this more


Ignore them and they self destruct anyway I've getting them for days and they disappear of their own...

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