How do I throw an exception when I receive a signal?

Let’s learn how do I throw an exception when I receive a signal. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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c++ - Throwing an exception from within a signal handler ...

Ya can throw exceptions from signal handlers, ... This code demonstrates a technique which moves the throwing of the exception out of the signal handler into the code.

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Which is the better design approach - to return bool or to throw an exception?

I'm wondering which approach is better. Let's say we have a method that, for example, sends a notification email. void SendNotificaitonEmail(); So, I can edit my SendNotificaitonEmail() method so it now does the following: bool SendNotificaitonEmail...


Through an exception. You can through multiple exception for different errors within one function. ...

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Why does this exception throw? HELP?

Why does this exception throw .. any clue ? SWbemObjectSet: There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.



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What does 'throw' do in exception handling, Java?

I am trying to understand the throw clause in Java while I am reading from a book, but I didn't understand why throw clause is declared inside try scope. Quoted from more


Throw is something that will allow you to provide a more generic explanation of your to end user......

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Why does the following multidimensional array in Java throw a null pointer exception?

int[][] mdArray = new int[5][]; int[][] msArray = new int[4][]; int[] singleDArray = {1,2,3,4,5}; int[] singleDArray2 = {6,7,8,9,}; mdArray[4] = singleDArray; msArray[3] = singleDArray2; System.out.println("Before assigning multi dimensional...


You set mdArray[4], but mdArray[3] is null. So when you set msArray = mdArray and try to access msArray...

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Is my solution for the following Java exception problem is correct?

The following problem is taken from SCJP Kathy Sierra book Propagating and Catching an Exception In this exercise you're going to create two methods that deal with exceptions. One of the methods is the main() method, which will call another method. If...


You're close but you have not done this part yet: In reverse, check if the String has a length of ...

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If method A calls method B and method B throws an exception, then method A must handle that exception...

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Java Exception Help!!!?

11. static class A { 12. void process() throws Exception { throw new Exception(); } 13. } 14. static class B extends A { 15. void process() { System.out.println("B"); } 16. } 17. public static void main(String[] args) { 18. new B().process...


Exception is thrown in superclass method which is never called.. you are only calling overriding method...

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Is a "catch all" exception handler *ever* acceptable?

This is a stylistic question rather than a practical one. I've written a bit of code (for purely internal purposes) which does something like this: def do_one(args): component, targ = args try: results = deploy[component](targ) except Exception,...


Most Python style questions are best answered by PEP 8, the semi-official Python style guide.  About...

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Java beginner, Illegal Argument Exception?

public class DailyWeatherData { private int dayOfMonth; private int maxTemperature; private int minTemperature; private int precipitation; public DailyWeatherData(int day, int max, int min, int precip){ day = dayOfMonth; max = maxTemperature; min = minTemperature...


This is actually a pretty simple fix. When using the = operator, always remember that a computer reads...

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