How do I find out more about a magazine advertisement?

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Where can i find Victoria secret boxing gloves. I've seen them in an advertisement in a magazine.?

It was in a people magazine I believe it was May 22nd or May 29th issue of 2006.


The gloves are probably a special prop made for the print ads only. I don't think you could find them...

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Answer: Grace Line Publicity Mr. Stephan Bergenham of 1230 Halliday Ct. Niles MI 49120 has a large...

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I have an ad that says "Get one, before you're too old to understand." "The Great One...

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I'm not sure what kind of answer you're looking for, but here's a bunch of magazines that I find quite...

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What's the best advertisement for hairstylist recruitment?how can i put advertisement?

im looking for the best magazine that i can advert for hairstylist recruitment. mostly i can find on the web but i need to put an advertisement on a magazine as i want to employ someone who needs visa working in uk. this is essential procedure to apply...


Would you need to put the advert in a magazine or newspaper in the country that you are recruiting from...

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Do magazine covers count as advertisement?

I need to find an advertisement for my school assignment and I was thinking maybe a magazine cover is because it advertises everything that's inside the magazine on the front more


I would say they do. Plus, a lot of magazine covers feature various products, so this could be seen...

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Beer advertisement!!!! HELP!!!?

For health I need to find a beer advertisement either on a magazine or newspaper. Which magazine or newspaper will I find a beer advertisement? Thank You!


all of them...

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For a school activity im making a magazine called For a school activity im making a magazine called TRÉS CHIC

im sure as alot of you know alot of magazines have advertisements and stuff -i cant seem to find out how much money i will need to start off before i can make the mag, like how much money do i take out of the bank -and also how much a full page advertisement...


When I was in Yearbook and if a local business wanted to post a full page ad in the yearbook, we charged...

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Where can I search for magazine advertisements that date back to 2001?

I'm trying to find an advertisement I found in a magazine advertisement for a watch (Can't remember if it was Gucci or Guess) back in May 2001, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know a website where I can do an advanced search on a magazine...


Internet... Maybe.

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