How do I get certified as a Medical Assistant?

Let’s learn how do I get certified as a Medical Assistant. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Medical assistants are health care professionals who support physicians with administrative, clinical...

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How much do certified medical assistant get paid in San Antonio,Texas if you work in a hospital?

im going to start going to school and dont know which career to choose i want to be a certified medical assistant because the course is only 8 months long but will it benefit me in more


Look it up in it's really helpful you can enter the job and location I hope this helps GOOD...

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Is it better to get certified as a medical assistant or medical biller/coder?

What is it like to be a medical assistant on a daily basis? What is it like to work in a medical coding/billing department? I am a middle aged woman wanting to get my associates more


Medical Assistant Demand for PA's is rising, and many software companies are working hard to eliminate...

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I need some help. I am trying to get Certified as a Medical Assistant.?

I grad from Olympia which is know known as Evert back in 2005. I didn't have the money at the time, but know I do and would like to get Certified so that I can get a better job. more


I would check out

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Is it possible to get certified as medical assistant or RN on your own?

I mean, do all the studying yourself then take the exam or whatever is required to be licensed or certified?


You could prolly do the studying alone, I'm sure there must be some kind of take home course. I'm sure...

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It generally takes around 2 years to become a Medical Assistant, but it all depends on your workload...

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The salary in Texas.. annual range: $17,260 - $23,412 hourly range: $8.30 - $11.26.

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I recently Graduated as a certified medical assistant. What will be the fastest way to get a job.?

im Planning to go to UCLA to become a Volunteer Nurse , do u think they will give me a job their when they get to know me? or Is it a waste of Time? thanks for answering


Hi Dear.....! I read your question I have the solution of your problem here. http://jobsfor-everyone...

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As a medical assistant, can i still get a job without being certified???

I just finished my externship, but the state exam isn't until october, can i still get hired, without certification????


Possibly, but most likely it would be contingent on your taking/passing the exam at the first opportunity...

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