How do I get my Avatar to come back on my main Yahoo page?

Let’s learn how do I get my Avatar to come back on my main Yahoo page. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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My Yahoo Avatar has disappeared from my page, and I can't get it to come back, what is going on??

I opened my page, and my avatar has been removed from my personal photos. I added it, and went back to my top page, but it had vanished again. I cannot get it to stay on my personal more


I suppose it must be a glitch in the system? Another possibility is that you have a virus infecting...

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I didn't know it worked for either. Mine doesn't. In your account there is a photo upload option. Try...

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☺☻☺☻☺☻ ☻Try again☺ ☺☻☺☻a...

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How do you get to make a yahoo avatar charcater?

i want to know how to make a avatar on yahoo can you help me. and how come i am not able to get on my yahoo page?


You go to to create your own Yahoo avatar. Once you've created your avatar...

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HELP!!! How do I get my avatar to show up on my proflie??

Ok, so I've been checking through all the answers to see if they could help me, but I guess I'm just stupid or somwething b/c I still can't get ti to work. First I know I go to 1)Edit my profile 2) Go to the 3 pictures and select get a yahoo! avatar...


Go back into edit profile and make sure you click on the window (there's a dot below it) that says to...

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Avatar page not loading properly?

I've been trying to update my Yahoo Avatar ... but the page will not load properly. I get a blank white box and where selections usually are, it is blank white box too, Unless I click on menu box (HOME, APPEARANCE,etc) then there is a white box w/ a...


Im having the same issue, I havn't been able to change mine since October.

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Yahoo mail page avatar?

How come I can't get my Yahoo Mail homepage to show my avatar, yet my friend's still does? How can I get my page to revert to that way?


To switch back to Classic and display your avatar, click on the "Options" link in the upper...

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I cant get my pogo game page brought up from my yahoo page the page dont come up its blank what do i do please

i always play pogo games and now i cant even get the page to come up from my yahoo page to go play games...


Thats because their site is down. I cant get into it either.

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I cannot get my yahoo 360 to come up on my yahoo, it is showing me and error page what do I do?

when I got to find my yahoo 360 it brings up an error page, it is telling me that the page has not been found and I go to the home page and click on 360 and I get the same page, can someone please help


See my answer here regarding inaccessibility issues:;&hellip...

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I can't get to the yahoo avatar home page?

when ever I click the link to go the the avatar home page it takes me to my profile. How do I get it the go to the yahoo avatar's home page?


You must create your own avatar using software on your computer or download one from one of the many...

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