How do I get my menu bar back on my main (yahoo) page?

Let’s learn how do I get my menu bar back on my main (yahoo) page. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Best solution do I get back my menu bar I used to have at the top of my Yahoo page...?

Just installed the new toolbars as well as new IE...and it just too different at this time!


Go to View and then Toolbars and see if the one that is missing is unchecked, if so check it and it...

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After downloaded current firefox update, the menu bar across top is GONE. No longer have FILE, VIEW, TOOLS, ETC. ANY idea how i can get it back? thank you!! Want to keep Yahoo as my home page, but would like to get the menu bar across top back. thanks...


Press Alt-V to get menus.

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I have Mozilla Firefox, how do I get my Menu bar back?? (File,Favorites,etc?)?

I had a power outage when I was out of town, when I got back and turned my computer on, I am missing the menu bar at the top of the yahoo page, I cannot get to all the favorites I have saved, or print certain files...thanks


Use keyboard shortcut Alt+V, move mouse to Toolbars, click Menu Bar. Voila.

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My IE toolbar now has 3 Yahoo search windows, How can I get it to one?

My tool bar has gone crazy. I have 3 yahoo search boxes. My menu bar is in the middle. I have unlocked the bars and tried to remove content but no luck. I also have a yahoo get answers bar that has added itself a whole new bar. When I click the pecil...


You have to try that before you sign in. Use the sign in tab on the bar to sign and customize toolbar...

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Find Yahoo Menu Bar for Yahoo Home Page?

Recently, Yahoo home page has been updated by Yahoo Messenger and I have lost Yahoo Menu bar and Yahoo Tool bar which I want on my home page. Please advise how?


Tools or View>> Toolbars>> Yahoo Toolbar, click. Tools or View>> Toolbars>>...

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How can I get rid of an unsolicited tool bar? If a tool bar appears on a Yahoo mail page, how can I delete it?

A "MIRAR" tool bar suddenly appears on Yahoo mail page with disastrous consequenses on my use of the page, with wild flow of advertising pages covering my working space and blocking other activities on the page, and I need help to find a way...


click START> CONTROL PANEL> ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS look under the prgrammes installed, you should...

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I clicked on key to full how do I get the normal size back along with the tool bar & menu bar.?

I cannot get a normal page size back. I've also lost my menu bar & tool bar. I cannot bring up anything on the left or right side or top or bottom of,view,etc.



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How do i get rid of yahoo search bar. it doesnt show up in the menu bar or the tool bar (win xp?

manage search provider. shows yahoo as "default" no way to remove


The IE search provider box is an extension of the browser address bar; that's why it doesn't show up...

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Still can't get yahoo 4 my home page did tool bar and nothing?

still can not get yahoo my home page idid the tool bar and internet set up and still no yahoo home page


go to and click make yahoo my homepage it is under the big purple yahoo icon at the top right...

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