How do I get my BT mail in Outlook express?

Let’s learn how do I get my BT mail in Outlook express. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I cant get outlook express i have yahoo mail?

i am with bt broadband with yahoo mail why can i not get outlook express mail


Hi, If you're looking to get your Yahoo mail delivered to Outlook Express this can only be done by subscribing...

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me, has the correct answer

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This happened to me too. If you phone your broadband provider, they will talk you through how to fix...

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Can't Receive BT Yahoo Email in Outlook Express - Error 0x80004005?

Hi All, I had the outgoing email problems a week or so ago, I got it reseloved thanks to posts on this and other forums, so I'm hoping someone can help with this new issue. Now, I can't receive any INCOMING email via outlook express. It seemed like it...


Hi Phil Im having the same issue too. As of today one account (the main default) won't download into...

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Outlook Express"socket error: 10061 error number 0x800CCC0E"?

in outlook express when checking for e mail with my ISP (BT) i get the error message cannot connect to server in front of the above.


The system seems to be full of glitches.!!! Contact your service provider.!!!

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In Outlook Express, get socket Error 10061 Error No. 800CCCOE on Bt openworld email, checked configured OK,?

My Orange email messages comes into Outlook Express fine, but the Bt one has the above error message, yet the messages come onto my MailWasher Spam filter ok, but not onto Outlook Express, I have checked the mail accounts with your questions & answers...

Answer:…… maybe...

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How can I get rid of Outlook Express and use my Yahoo mail service when emaililing a web page?

My computer cam with Outlook Express built in and when I want to send someone a web page it will only send with Outlook Express, which I am not subscribed to. I use Yahoo for my mail service. How can I get rid of Outlook Express?



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Linking Bt Yahoo Mail to Outlook Express?

At present I get Yahoo mail from Btinternet. How can I receive the mail in Outlook Express which is more civilised than simple Yahoo mail. Can someone tell me step by step how to set it up?


I can get BT mail on Outlook In Outlook pick tools then Accounts click on Add Insert your name etc....

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Can I change my default e-mail from Outlook Express to BT Yahoo?

My current default e-mail setting is Outlook Express I want to change this to BT Yahoo Mail


This link, from Yahoo, gives detailed instructions on making Yahoo your default mail carrier. You will...

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Tried to get outlook express to work with Yahoo mail and now cannot get mail at all. help!?

Now am not receiving mail at Yahoo or Outlook. Receive error message when trying to send with Outlook. Know it is something I have/have not done but miss my e-mail. Help!


Hello, Here are the directions for accessing a free Yahoo Mail account with Outlook Express. http:/...

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