How do I get rid of my Yahoo 360 pic?

Let’s learn how do I get rid of my Yahoo 360 pic. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I get a pic of myself on my Yahoo 360 so that I can use it as my YA avatar?

First of all, I already know that to switch from my Yahoo avatar to my 360 avatar, I just go to edit my profile and then choose My 360 avatar or whatever. What I need to know how to get a pic of myself on my Yahoo 360 avatar. I already have a few pics...


ok go to your profile. Then go to 360. after your logged in go to "my page" which is on the...

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How do i get a yahoo 360 pic?

i have my pic set to yahoo 360 pic. but idk how to get one....where can i find them and how do i get them...i want to get a picture thats inuyasha or somethng.


You can look for the pictures on and when you want...

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How do you get a yahoo 360 pic on ur pics besides the yahoo avatar.........?

I dont like my yahoo avatar and i want to change it to a yahoo 360 pic but I don't know how.PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok go to yahoo 360 home page: then sign with your yahoo username and password...

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How do you get a Yahoo!360 pic on here? ?

I wanna use this Sweeney Todd pic for it but i don't know how..Help?


Create a 360 space at . Click "Get Started" button on the far right section...

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How do i get a pic from photobucket to the yahoo 360 view ?

ok i know i need to save the pic to the computer or usb but i forgot :P


You don't actually have to save the image to your computer in order to post it in Yahoo! 360 (http:...

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How to get my pic from Yahoo 360 to show instead of my avatar?

i have gone to the edit my profle part and clicked where it said to but nothing happens besides it brings up my 360 page.


You have to have your picture on your 360 set as the main one(default) or that picture will not show...

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How do I get my Yahoo! 360 pic to show?

It's X-ing it out, as you can see. How can I get my photo to show up as my avatar on Y!A??


The ones who are saying you'll have to wait it out are right, unfortunately. I have an account you can...

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Can't get my Yahoo! 360 pic. as my Yahoo! Answers icon, Plz help?

I loaded my pic to my 360 page, now I am trying to get my Yahoo 360! pic as my Yahoo! answers icon and once I set the pic as my primary pic, it just shows that blank picture on it! What do I do?


Leave it selected to your 360 picture. It will eventually show. Yahoo has been having nothing but problems...

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I can't get my pic to stay on yahoo profile don't tell me to go throught 360 i tried it pic still doesn'i stay?

maybe i didn't do 360 right i went to ware it said use my 360 pic and i clicked it but the pic didn't stay on my yahoo profile. could i have accidentally hit something someone please more


If you uploaded your picture to your 360 site and set it as your id photo on your 360 pages and then...

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Ugh! I have apicture on my Yahoo! 360 profile, but I can get it to show up as a display pic on Answers!?

What do I do? I already went under "edit my info" and selected "use my 360 profile pic," or whatever it says, and just the blank face shows up as my pic. It's saved on 360 and everything, it shows up there. Do you guys know??


Double-check that you are using the correct services and have followed all the instructions below. Patience...

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