How do I get rid of a XBOX 360 profile?

Let’s learn how do I get rid of a XBOX 360 profile. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to get rid of everything on your xbox 360 profile but keep the gamertag name?

I would really like to get rid of everything from my current gamertag/profile name and start a fresh one but with the same name. I know that you currently cannot get rid of any achievements or anything like that from the gamertag and i really don't care...


UPDATE: Nah, just make a new one similar to it if you want to clear those out? Not sure why you'd want...

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Why do I always get a corrupt xbox profile when I put my hdd in another 360? How do I fix this.?

I just bought a new xbox 360 to connect to the internet to go along with the one that was used for playing offline. One is a 20gb model and the other is an arcade version. I have removed the hard drive from the 20gb model and placed it in the new arcade...


Is your old xbox modded by any chance? cuz i just recently went out and bought an elite because my old...

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How do i get my xbox 360 machine to sign into my xbox profile immediatly when i turn it on?

My machine broke a few weeks ago. I dont know what i did then but whenever i turned on my xbox 360 it would already have me signed into my xbox profile. My main menu screen would be more


It is in the profile setting so you hit the middle green button that lights up and pulls up the menu...

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I really want my old xbox 360 profile back and how can i get it?

i had an xbox 360 profile accidently deleted it and i wanted it back emailed microsoft got no good answer back and i forgot all my details i put in what can i do? i really need this answer its important


Punt? I mean YOU need to know what information you used when you created the Gamertag to use the Recover...

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How can i get my xbox 360 gamertag profile picture on my computer.?

ok i have tried so many things but i can't seem to get my gamertags profile picutre on my computer. i really like and i want the picture on my computer. how can i get it?


My problem is opposite. I created my xbox live account on "" but i want to load...

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I deleted my xbox 360 profile how can I get my save games back?

And I didn't chose delete profile and items only profile


Hmm, make another profile... Then put the game in to see if u still have the saved games :)

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How do you get your xbox 360 profile back?!?

My cousins accidently deleted my profile out how do i get it back



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How do i get my gamertag or profile to auto sign in when i turn on my xbox 360?

it used to auto sign me in when i turned my 360 on but since i changed my gamertag it doesnt, so how can i make it auto sign in?


When your on the dashboard, press the Guide button, then go to the Settings tab, then to Profile, then...

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My Xbox 360 Profile says "XBOX LIVE FREE". Why is that? I get all Gold features yet I didnt pay for it.?

Ok this is very strange I know. A few days ago there was a huge electrical storm and our house had a blown circuit. A few days earlier is when my Xbox 360 Gold Subscription expired. more


This weekend it was free Xbox Live

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On the xbox 360, if i get DLC on one profile, do the other profiles get it as well?

In particular my new copy of mass effect 3, if I download all my dlc stuff to my gamer profile thing, will the other profile (my brother) get it as well?


Yes. The DLC is downloaded onto the hard drive and thus as long as it's on the same xbox, you can access...

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