How do I get started on my xbox 360?

Let’s learn how do I get started on my xbox 360. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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To get the dragon hunt started in Divinity 2 you need to first learn about the dragons and their damage...

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If it is under warranty they will replace it. If not, users say that wrapping it in a blanket and turning...

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Im about to buy an xbox 360, what do i need to get started?

Im wanting to play games, and watch dvds all that jazz. So what bits do i need?


dont waste your money!!! wait for a PS3!!!!

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How do I get my games off my old xbox (NOT A XBOX 360) to my new one. (ALSO NOT A XBOX 360)?

my friend gave me an xbox (NOT A XBOX 360) for my sons birthday and some how my firend got games downloaded on it and I started playing it and it cut off so I went out and got a new one and the guy at game-stop told me to take the "black thing"...


Since this particular guy at Gamestop is so knowledgeable, and was able to sell you another original...

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How do I get my surround sound to work with my xbox 360?

I just purchased a new Xbox 360 and started using an hdmi jack from it to the tv in hopes it would work with my Philips Blu-ray surround sound system but it does not regardless of how many settings I mess with. I have no idea if its possible to get surround...


Here is a weird thing about the 360.... when i use an analog cable on my ps3 it looks like

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How to get the red rings of death on my Xbox 360?

Okay, so I have had my Xbox 360 for a year and a half and it has started not to read discs. If I want to get it fixed it will cost one hundred dollars, so instead I want to get the more


Here's a complete free guide on the RRoD: You will find out information...

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