How do I get songs back for my iPod touch?

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How do I get my songs back on my iPod touch?

My iPod touch recently crashed and I got it back working again. I synced it and got my music back, however, there were some songs I purchased on my iPod's iTunes that didn't come back on. When I click them in my iPod, it says that I've already bought it and I don't want to buy it again. I bought them after the last time I backed up the music so I don't believe it is on my computer's iTunes. Help?


if its not on the computer go on your ipod and log in to itunes go to perchease and tap on not on my...

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Had to restore my iPod Touch and i've lost all my paid apps and songs. How can I get them back on my iPod?

I've just had to restore my iPod Touch and everything that i've bought off iTunes isn't on my iPod. I hadn't backed up my iPod before hand hence why they aren't on my iTunes. Is there anyway in which I can put my purchased songs and apps back on my iPod...


They should be on your iTunes account, so you'll be able to recover them when you log in

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How to get songs off iPod Touch?

Okay, so my girlfriend was given an iPhone and is selling her iPod Touch. She wants to get the songs off her iPod Touch and onto her iPhone but she no longer has all the songs on her computer that are on her iPod Touch. How can she get the songs from...


Free download iMedia transfer for Mac:… It can help...

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How do i get the songs off my ipod touch to the computer?

i got my friend to sync his songs onto my ipod (bad idea) coz now if i plug it back into my computer it will just sync all my songs back onto it :( and i have also tryed>> - making it a hard drive (doesnt work with ipod touch 2g) - all these diff...


The ipod is NOT the master device its a SLAVE to the itunes on the computer its paired to. Why do people...

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How do i get songs to show up on my ipod touch?

i have about 600 songs on my ipod right now and my computer crashed and i had to get it dumped. so now my other itunes library is gone and so i downloaded it again and now whenever i put songs on the new itunes they wont sync to my ipod. there is enough...


4Videosoft iPod Manager is one versatile iPod Manager software, which can help you transfer Music/Movie...

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How do i get unpurchased songs off my ipod touch 3rd gen to my itunes library?

i have a 32 gig 3rd gen ipod touch. i want to get all of the unpurchased music off my ipod to collect it into one itunes account. when i open 'my computer' and go to 'my ipod' there is no 'ipod control' folder. i cannot find out how to get the file unhidden...


Full guide: Transfer songs, videos, photos and playlists from iPod to Computer or iTunes http://www...

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How to get picture art for songs on iPod touch?

I normally buy my songs from the iTunes store on my iPod or my laptop, but I decided to put some songs from my old CDs on my laptop and sync them to my iPod but there are no pictures for the songs. Is there any way to get the pictures to show up from...


Google the albums you have - you will find multiple versions of the artwork for most albums on the internet...

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After i restored my ipod touch, the backup didnt get my songs back on my ipod. the songs are on my itunes stil?

the backup got all my photos and apps back on it, just not the songs, can anybody help please?


It doesn't backup your songs. They're already in iTunes anyway so just sync the iPod.

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How to get songs on ipod touch...?

i bought songs on my ipod touch and then i downloaded some songs on the computer and when i went to sync it it said i had to erase all of my other music. any tips on how to get the music on the computer on to my ipod without having to erase everything...


Add a new playlist and take any songs you don't want into that :)

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How do I get my songs off my iPod touch onto my computer?

I lost my songs on my computer but they are still on my iPod touch. If anyone knows how to get them off my iPod and back onto my computer please help. Thanks!


You can use an ipod to computer transfer program to help.I personally use this iPod to Computer Transfer...

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