How do I get songs from iPod to computer?

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How can I get all the songs on my iPod, onto my new computer?

I used to have a laptop with my iTunes and everything on it. Long story short, my parents got a divorce and my mom had kept my laptop. I still have my iPod! My friend told me that if I plug my iPod into my new iTunes (empty) it'll erase everything from my iPod. I have over 2,000 songs and I do NOT want to lose any of them. How can I get the contents of my iPod onto this new iTunes? Is there a site I can go to that will record the names of all the songs?


you cant but what you can do is download itunes on the new computer and then sign into your old itunes...

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How do i get songs from my ipod to a different computer?

I have used one computer for my ipod for a year and got all my songs from that computer. My brother went to college and gave me his old laptop with itunes on it. He downloaded this thing to get songs from my ipod to itunes on the laptop. 990 songs got...


I heard this iPod to Computer/iTunes/iPod transfer works pretty good on this. AVCWare iPod to iPod/Computer...

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How can i get the songs on my ipod back on to my computer? I ran a few programs to clean my computer cause it?

was having problems and somehow it deleted all the songs i had in my itunes. I have them all on my Ipod but when i plug the ipod in it just keeps saying the songs cant be found. I have tried a few things to get them back but nothing works.I have done...


Hi, as long as your songs are still on your iPod, you can get them back to your computer and iTunes...

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How do you get songs to your ipod from a computer that you don't get your songs from without deleting them?

i get songs from my sisters laptop but then we got a desktop computer.when i plug my ipod in and itunes pops up like always but i cant sync songs from that computer because it knows i get songs from a differnt computer.i dont want to delete all my songs...


theres an option u can click when u plug ur ipog in. its asks if you want to delete current songs or...

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How do I get songs from my iPod onto a new computer?

I just bought a MacBook Pro, and when I hook my iPod up to it, it says that all exsisting songs on my iPod will be replaced my songs on my computer...but there aren't any songs on my computer. it's empty. Does this mean it'll make my iPod empty? And...


Hi, I recommend a very professional ipod transfer.…...

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How do i get songs from my computer to my ipod?

how do i get songs from my computer to my ipod? whenever i just plug my ipod touch into the computer it doesn't give me the option if i want to sync to my ipod, is there any other way? i have SO many songs on my itunes account on my computer and i don...


iTunes is the program that you use to manage content on your iPod touch. It can be configured to act...

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Simple. Plug your Ipod into the computer. Go to my computer, find the Ipod in the(insert random letter...

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How do I get songs off my iPod WITHOUT using my computer ?

I just got my 30G Ipod and have loaded 250-300 songs off my computer (using ripped CD music I have stored in my ITunes library). I want to be able to just delete a song (without having to plug my Ipod into my computer each time). That way, if I am out...


There is not a way to get songs off an iPod without a computer.

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How to get my friends songs off her ipod on to my computer without deleting her ipod?

i want my sisters songs on her ipod on my itunes so i could have them on my ipod how do i do that without deleting all her songs off her ipod...?using just my computer


Full guide: Transfer songs, videos, photos and playlists from iPod to Computer or iTunes http://www...

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How do i get songs from my ipod to the ipod music library on a different computer?

My ipod was previously synced to another computer and now that i got a different computer i want to put the songs that were on my ipod to the library. I dont want to erase any songs more


itune blocks this function since itune is the tool with one way to transfer files from itune to ipod...

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