How do I get videos on my iPod Nano?

Let’s learn how do I get videos on my iPod Nano. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can i get videos on my ipod nano?

i have one of those small ones and when i get on my videos on iTunes it dont let me


drag the videos you want to the itunes library, not the ipod library, itunes library. it will tell you...

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How do you get iPod nano filmed videos on a computer?

I have filmed quite a number of videos on my iPod nano, and am buying a new iPod, how do i get the videos filmed on my iPod to my Mac?


I know with my iPod touch, I just plug it in my computer, open "computer" in the start menu...

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IPod Nano 5g Help. How do i get videos off the nano onto the computer?

Hi guys, Can you help. I really don't know how to get the videos i have recorded on my 5g nano onto my computer/itunes. Help PLEASE!!


I just got my Nano. DON'T download extra software, it doesn't even take iTunes (except a simple check...

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How the heck are you supposed to get videos on your ipod Nano?

I just bought a new ipod nano, and I cant seem to figure out how to put videos on it. Does anyone know? I bought the 16 gb one specifically so I could put movies on it. I have taken others advice and they have told me to download program. I have downloaded...


Download Itunes. This program is officially sponsored and created by apple, and is meant to be used...

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How to get Youtube videos on iPod nano?

I have an iPod nano, 6th generation Is it possible for me to upload YouTube videos in it? If so, can you please tell me step-by-step instructions? Thanks :)


I am using a Free Youtube video downloader online site to get high definition video into my Nano. Even...

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How do I get music videos onto my Ipod nano?

So I this little 2GB Ipod and it says that it can hold music vidoes. I went to Google vidoes b/c someone on Itunes said that all you have to do is find the video and save it and then go to "File" in Itunes and go to "Add file to library...


You can't play videos on an iPod Nano. Only the iPod video can play video. Unless you have a Chinese...

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How to get videos from my iPod nano 5G to my computer?

ok so I've been trying to get the videos from my iPod to my computer but its not working ive watched so many tutorials on youtube on how to do this but so far its not working more


Full guide: Transfer songs, videos, photos and playlists from iPod to Computer or iTunes http://www...

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How do i get videos on my video ipod nano? 8GB?

i downloaded 2 carttons to put on ipod and then i tried to sync but it doesnt show up on my ipod.. please help :D


Do you know Video Download Studio? you will like it, this tool help you free download viedo http://www...

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How do you get the videos recorded on an ipod nano to the computer?

i want to download them to facebook. how to i get them from my ipod to my mac laptop?


I think you can transfer them to your computer with iTunes but I don't know how considering I don't...

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How do i get videos from my realPlayert library to my iPod nano?

i have loads of vids on my real library but nothing works when i try to put them on my 3rdgen nano help !!!


On iTunes, go to File > Add new file, and you should be presented with a popup so you search through...

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