How do I get yahoo e-mail?

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How do I get Yahoo to answer my Yahoo email problem??? I'm getting really frustrated.?

My YAHOO INCOMING EMAIL HASN'T BEEN WORKING since mid-February/07 I asked once before and someone replied that apparently lots of people were having this problem due to a Yahoo beta or other glitch. She sent me a list of instructions/steps to RE-ACTIVATE IT. Unfortunately I was in hospital right after that until now, and now I can't find that Yahoo Answer again. . I've tested it by emailing TO MYSELF (as To, bc.,cc.) and TO other ppl.. When I do that, the email I send to myself IS in the "Sent...


Yahoo! US contact information is: Yahoo! Inc. Phone: (408)- 349-3300 1-800-318-0631 (408)-349-1572 ...

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1997,The Internet,Yahoo,Emailing was young. I opened 2 Yahoo email accounts with a fake(funny) name as i thought at the time,everyone did. 2004,years of using my Yahoo email accounts everyday,never a problem. One day i got a 'phishing' email, a fraud...


Wow, I hope you can get a hold of someone at Yahoo. That exact same thing happened to my roomate. He...

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How can I get Yahoo to pay attention to the fact that I can't stand the "new" yahoo email and its "features"?

I have two Yahoo email accounts--one in Classic Yahoo and the other in the new version, which Yahoo arbitrarily changed over for me! I have given them feedback on this three or four times but they never respond and they seem not to care what we their...


You'll have to switch back to Classic yourself----Yahoo's NOT gonna volunteer to do it for you, cause...

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How can I get back to my Yahoo Classic Email ? I HATE this new Email.?

I only switched from Yahoo Classic Mail to the new Email format because Yahoo would not let me open my Email unless I switched to the new Email format. Now the new format constantly closes and requires that I log in anew. And the new Email is SLOW !...


Use this link to return to Classic Email: ʎəɿ...

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Microsoft outlook just imported all my yahoo email how do I get these back to yahoo and stop outlook taking it

Microsoft outlook seems to have taken over my email, although I have made yahoo my default email, all my email still go into outlook. I am getting fustrated as all my contact are with yahoo, and my email are on outlook, how do I stop outlook from Hijacking...


I have no idea how you can revert your emails from outlook to Yahoo mail. But, you have two options...

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i am unsure what you want here is 2 answers CREATE NEW YAHOO EMAIL ACCOUNT

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My email is . Im getting alot of email thats not mine, how do i get rid of it.?

How do i get rid of emails that arent mine, im getting a lot of them especially on my bulk mail and the email address it is mailed out too isnt even mine, one time i even got a phone message on my voice mail and wondered how that person even got my phone...


You are going to get a lot of spam and scam mail now. You really should not give out your e-mail address...

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How do I get my correct full name and yahoo email address to go to the from line of emails?

I started using an old yahoo ID. My profile has my correct ID. When I send an email to someone or to my alternate ID, the full name is incorrect and give someone elses (an old contacts) name with a Mr in front of the Yahoo email address. In addition...


Hello, (1) TO Change "From" name in the Sent mails:: a) After logging in to your e-mail account...

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How to enable email receipt confirmation option on my yahoo email id YAHOO EMAIL ID AND HOW TO GET ITIL?

How to enable email receipt confirmation option on my yahoo email id and how to get it


It doesn't work with Yahoo Mail Classic or New Yahoo Mail. Mail plus has the read receipt option, but...

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Yahoo Email - how do I get a noise and pop up to tell me theres a new message? How do I know who's online?

I have a btinternet email address which is accessed via the Yahoo emails webpage. My old computer used to give me an audio alert - a pistol sound - and a pop-up used to appear in the bottom right hand corner of my screen, whenever a new email message...


Hello, You can set-up alerts to let you know that you have a new mail (immediately after you receive...

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