How do I help my friend with guys?

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I need some help with a present for a guy friend. Guys, help me please!?

My friend, let's call him M, had surgery today. Tomorrow, I plan on stopping by his house with a present. He was really vague when I asked him stuff such as favorite color or anything else. My nickname for him is Gummybear, so I was going to get him a bag of gummy bears and a homemade card. I really had nothing else to work with, so I was hoping this sounded good. So, guys, if you got this from your friend, would you like it? Any better ideas? Please be serious, I want to get him something fantastic...


Aaah, thats so cute. If he likes his nickname he should be very happy then. But I think he needs YOU...

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How am I supposed to express to my friend that i love him (help from a guys perspective)?

He's my ex of two years. When I say I love him I don't mean in a romantic way, I mean in a way that I truly whole heartedly care for him as a friend. We have so many memories together, not just from our relationship but also from way back ( we've been...


Just tell him how you feel...

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GUYS: Please help: How do I react to my kinda boyfriend saying this and can I approach his best friend?

I dated this amazing guy for almost 2 months, we broke up due to stress on either side with diff issues, and a few weeks later, we kinda got back together again, meeting up 2-3 times for lunches, making out, texting again We spoke for a while a couple...


You only dated for 2 months. I don't know how old you are but it sounds like you need to let him do...

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How to tell if your best guy friend likes you? -both help from guys +girls!?

Hey everyone! I need a little help. I like my guy friend alot. and were pretty close, yet im so unsure if he likes me back. I've read the sites and things but i'd really like some opinions from actual people, not web sites and magazine articles! ^.^


Go On Google And Type The Same Question( That U've Just Asked) And U'll Get An Answer.... Lot Of People...

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How can i make guy friends? i only have friend hu are girls and most guys dont like me??? HELP!!?

How can i make guy friends???!!! help i need advice ASAP PLZ!!!


I've always found it easy to talk and hang with guys when I sort of become a guy myself. I don't mean...

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I don't know how i feel about a guy friend, can you guys help me?(details below)

I was on Facebook, seeing some post then I saw my guy friend post, my heart and the whole world stop all together, then I put my head down, I dont know, why I put it down, I just did, dont know why it happen to me even when he just posted that he watching...


Hey, did all that happen to you ? Or did he write / post that ??!!?? I got lost !!!

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Guys help: How to get out of the friend zone?!?

So there is a guy I have liked for a while now and he has led me on for months and he did like me on and off but we talked and right now he cares about me too much and doesn't want to hurt me and ruin our friendship with anything. He says I am one of...


talk to him make the first move if he doesn't react leave him to the other girl and when he'll be left...

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Friend problem! Need help! Long, but thats why you guys are here (=?

KEY: A-friend causing trouble B-Good friend C-Good friend D-Person causing trouble E-Person causing trouble(ish) (is nice) PART 1: So it all started in maybe november or october in gym class. I had this one friend who i was beginning to consider them...


You first need to ask yourself some questions. you say she isn't that bad but you didn't say she isn...

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GUYS: I think my best guy friend likes me? HELP!!?

We are really good friends and talk just about everyday. He texts me everyday also. We don't know EVERYTHING about each other, but we know a lot. Like a month ago is when he started texting me everyday, and we've just been close since then. I can't tell...


Awww that s so sweet! I m pretty sure he does like u a lot! Just don t rush anything, let the time tell...

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I really messed up guys. This girl means so much to me. I lost my friend. Please help!?

Guys please help me all you can with this, this is killing me :( .. I need her. READ IT ALL! Please guys, I really need someone's help! I can not lose this girl! :( So there's this girl.. That i really, really did like. She makes me so happy. We were...


Hi Justin Bieber you have school on Saturdays? I'll answer anyway. You need to get your jealously and...

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