How do I install a new webcam on my computer?

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In most cases installing peripheral devices such as webcams is simply a matter of plugging them in and...

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How do I install a webcam on my computer?

It's an old white IBM webcam. I plugged it in to my computer, and my computer attempted to install the hardware. However, it says that the computer lacks the software/driver suited for a webcam. How do I fix this, or where do I download such a thing?


It depends on the platform of your old computer. And I'm also assuming this is a newer or current cam...

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How do you install a webcam on your computer.?

my computer is a hp pavilion f1503 and i am trying to install a webcam. but i have no idea on how to install please help me.


Install the software for the camera first by running the cd then plug the usb camera into an available...

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How to install webcam that is already built into the computer?

When I am on Yahoo Messanger and i try to connect to my webcam it gives me a message that says the webcame is not connected! I use it regurally and the webcam is built into the computer!


click to the link for web cam help.… good luck

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How to install a webcam on my computer?

i have a webcam (longitech) that i would like to install but everytime it tells me that the computer cant find the necessary software. what should i do. and what software is that


If you have got any software CD with web cam,just double click on the setup.exe file.It will do the...

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I have a new computer & i can't get my old webcam to install, it asks for a disk, i haven't got one! HELP?

i think this is my webcam:…


mine did that, i thought it didnt work, kept it plugged in tried msn and it worked, try it it probably...

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Can I install my webcam on a different computer?

I have a logitech webcam and I need it for my laptop but my laptop doesnt have any internet to install the CD. My desktop computer has internet I was wondering if I could install the webcam on the desktop computer, will my webcam work on my laptop even...


Your logitech web cam will work on any computer that has the software installed on it. If you are trying...

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I want to install my old webcam into my computer but i lost the cd.?

how do i install my webcam without the cd? my webcam is Logitech code: E172391 im guessing that it is a QuickCam Pro 3000, looks exactly like it. please help:D

Answer:… Go to the website and find the camera that looks...

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I have a webcam but for some stupid reason my computer wont let me install yahoo messenger to use it...?

If I cant install yahoo messanger how can i still chat with my family thorugh webcam?


You cannot download things if your under 18 years of age and do not have an Administrator's account...

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